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  1. Hi Guys, Shortly after I posted this I got a Job up in a game farm as a Ranger and now have absolutely no time to forge anything let alone post on IFI. Sorry about that. I am still definitely going to do this in the future though.
  2. I found my vice in a scrapyard in Hartebeesport.
  3. I upload them onto my blog and google+ pages then use the generated url link from those pages to put it in here.
  4. Here is some of the work I did today under my new roof. The candle holders are an anniversary present for my parents, the lily is for a friend and the hooks are part of a kitchen upgrade.
  5. Yup you got it spot on there. its in the Hennopsriver area
  6. Well guys I've finally finished the roof over my smithy, check it out. http://artofmaille.blogspot.com/2013/10/long-long-time-wow-but-it-is-finally.html Let me know what you think.
  7. The beauty of this little guy is it is movable between my forge and anvil, If I need to make a bigger one in future I will use slightly thicker diameter bar. But your idea is a good one and I considered it before I made this one. I had seen the design you are talking about in a video on youtube a while back.
  8. Hmm seems like odd things like to invade spaces they don't belong. I almost threw over my forge when this guy ran up my hand. He obviously did not like the heat.
  9. Here is my final outfit, you can see the bracer with its glove on my right hand. It has leather underneath it which prevents it from sliding up and down my arm, and it is fastened with a leather string that is woven into the two loose sides.
  10. Yesterday I got to the bottom of my bag of anthracite and apart from the fact I found out all that dust down there makes MASSIVE clinkers pop up really quickly, I found this critter amongst the peas at the bottom. What odd things have you guys found in your bags??
  11. Well guys here are a few other tools I made this weekend. Two of them I have no clue what they are called so I call the first one an anvil ruler, also in the top right corner of the step you can see the pritchel hole I drilled out. My anvil lost its butt before I came across it and thus no hardy or pritchel. I use my vice as my hardy and tried it for the pritchel but the jaws are not level so the stock warps. The next tool I call a long stock extension for my forge, its basically a 8mm round bar cut at the top and flattened to a T shape with lips on either side to keep the stock from rolling off and a tapered end to be able to drive it into the ground, It worked great on my Bolt head tong build as the 20mm bar was too long to balance in my forge. And lastly a very simple (Not a tool) S hook, to be able to hang up my apron at the end of the day. The poles you see in the pic are the beginnings of my roof! YAY. Seeing as our rainy season is upon us I reckoned it would be a good investment. What do you guys think? And if anyone could give me the proper names of those first two items I would really appreciate it.
  12. Well here is my first attempt at bolt head tongs, it went rather well, As you can see it is still a WIP as I have to draw out the reigns and also weld longer ones on. These originated as 20mm diameter round bar and were a good challenge to reduce to 10mm square bar. I am ver happy with the symmetry of them seeing as they are my first ones. I nearly got the jaws perfect this time. Compared to the first pair of tongs I ever made Id say these are a vast improvement. What do you think?
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