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  1. thank you anvilman! I appreciate the information! Any idea what the number/ letter on the front indicates? It look like the number 2 or a cursive "d".
  2. A friend of mine found this anvil while antiquing. He knew I would be interested and contacted me. I know it's worn but boy does it have character. And the price was right at $150. I may keep it as is and just use it from time to time. My other anvil doesn't have a Hardy hole so this one will come in handy for that. The other option is to fix it but I don't think it would be worth the expense. If anybody recognizes this old girl and can provide info that would be helpful! I don't know looks like an anvil out of an old SEARS Roebuck catalog.
  3. thanks jlp, now it's time to finish grinding that sucker and get to some forging!
  4. had an old 4x6 - 8' long. just the right amount of lumber for the stand.
  5. thanks nobody (ouch! that sounds ungrateful - but I'm not!) and jlp! Keeping my eyes peeled for a big hunk o steel!
  6. just realize that the last pick was a mockup before the needle valve arrived in the mail. there's a valve between the shut off valve and pressure gauge.
  7. haha! so true frosty! i am going to take you up on the idea of not cutting the heal, keep the mass and make a bolster instead. BTW the forge i am using was made from an old ceramic chimney flue liner, some kaowool and high temp mortar. working ares of the forge is 5" x 5" x 24" I built a double burner after researching, studying, reading and of course consulting YouTube. I used a burner design that I believe is attributed to you after what I read in the video description. you have my thanks sir.
  8. i'm pulling a favor on this one and getting it for nothing! i must be living right. Now... what to do with the 2 pieces of 12" x 6" x 3/4" pieces of 4140....
  9. Back to the drawing board. Found out a friend works in a machine shop and can cut out a 3" piece of plate to any shape. What do ya think of this setup.... I'll be grinding the horn down of course. Anvil should weigh around 85 pounds. I'll be using for bladesmithing and basic blacksmithing - nothing super heavy.
  10. thanks fellas i will do just that. i actually have (2) pieces of the 4140 so maybe i will double them up and end up with a 12"x6" plate that is 1 1/2" thick. i appreciate the input!
  11. I have obtained a piece of 12"x6"x3/4" thick 4140 plate that I plan on mounting to an I beam to create a homemade anvil. I would love to get the piece to a RC in the mid 50's to 60. What is the best way to get er done?
  12. Looking forward to gleaning knowledge from the community here! Finishing up my forge, then setting up my workshop before I start my first project. Got some ideas that should be good for a newbie. Happy to be here!

    1. swedefiddle


      Good Morning Dan,

      Get in touch with the Blacksmith Association in your area.  There are some listed at the bottomof this page and there are a complete list on ABANA web-site.

      You are welcome to stop in anytime you are in our neighbourhood.

      Only in Canada, Eh, Pity!!!


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