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  1. I got married in Irene! We were in Redbank NJ, the storm hit right during the ceremony... Made for a short reception! ;)
  2. Redbeard920


    -4 on the way to work this morning... what i wouldnt give for it to at least be warm enough to snow <_<... haha
  3. haha I will! i wont be forging until i have fire protection surrounding the forge. I just got a little excited and wanted to fire it up... :D
  4. There is no fireplace just a chiminey. I finished it last night and it works beautifly! Good strong draw once it heats up. NO SMOKE IN THE SHOP!!! haha
  5. i have a small propane heater for heat. There was no wood stove when i moved in but seeing the chiminey im pretty sure it was for a stove. the way i have my shop se up is actually pretty good so this set up will be ideal. ill post pics when im finished.
  6. do you mean block off the chiminey below where the side draft is? 12in internal diameter.
  7. Ok so I've been trying to figure out how to do this for about a week or so now and I think I've got it. But before I do anything drastic I want your advice. I have a cinderblock chiminey in me shop that a previous owner had a wood stove hooked up to. I want to build a side draft forge on to it, and my theory is to put my forge tabel right next to the chiminey and bust a hole in the chiminey wall and then add a stainless side draft hood between my fire pot and the chiminey. Does anyone see any major flaws in this idea? The chiminey is 12in in diameter.
  8. Gotta say in my short time here ive had a couple questions answered by Mr Powers. Not necessarily what I wanted to hear, but answered none the less... haha :D Thank you Mr Powers!
  9. My reason for the pritchel hole is for something to drift through and for a hold down. I dont have a vice yet I'm hoping for a nice flea market find this summer. Any ideas on a good way to keep the tine from bouncing around? I was thinking of using some rebar stakes like what I used for the cylinder.
  10. Redbeard920

    mystery tool

    if i decide to pick it up i thought about trying to make it like a small pair of tongs...
  11. Redbeard920

    Mystery tool

    one set of grooves is smooth and the other set has some textureing.
  12. thanks guys Im thinking about picking up the terminal crimpers i think they only wanted $12 for them... It would be a nice unique tool, you never know when you will need one.
  13. Redbeard920

    mystery tool

    thats what i thought they were but i wasnt sure because they seemed a little big...
  14. I scored part of a broken forklift tine at work this week. so after a few hours of tinkering and grinding i think i have an almost proper setup. my plan is to find someone who can taper the steel cylinder on a lathe and drill a pritchel hole and figure out how to drill a hardy, or i may get someone to weld a piece of square tubing to the tine. the cylinder is held on by 2 pieces of rebar driven into the anvil stand.
  15. So I found these at my local antique mall, any idea what these are?