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  1. hamerhead73

    Anvil Identification and History?

    I also have an anvil by Lewis best looking for more info
  2. hamerhead73

    It followed me home

    Guys this hammer is just foot powered like a lot of the treadle hammers out there. I just don’t believe it would have been a treadle hammer because the dies are to close together. I will try to get a video up of it working.
  3. hamerhead73

    It followed me home

    Foot powered forging hammer. Does anybody know anything about it?
  4. hamerhead73

    Looking at some anvils today

    Hi. Zack. The Triad Area Blacksmiths will have the shop open this New Year's Day from 9:00 a.m. on. It's an open forge day. Maybe you can make it. My name is Joe. You can contact me. I might have 1 anvil for sale.
  5. hamerhead73

    Strange small anvil

    it could be a table lighter such as a zippo lighter
  6. hamerhead73

    Help Identifying This Anvil

    I'm sure its an European anvil because it's got 1 0 18 as the stone weight on the opposite side of the anvil.
  7. hamerhead73

    Help Identifying This Anvil

    I'm in NC. I'll post more pics later today. It does have handling holes and looks like a mousehole anvil.
  8. This anvil says Green at the bottom. I can't locate any information on a green anvil. What do you all think this anvil is and how old is it? Thanks for the help.