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  1. Nice, odd. French? I like how pug it is. It does not look like my John Powell or the 2 other JPs I have seen, but I have been having a hard time finding information about Powell and his anvils. Do you know of where one might find information outside of purchasing Anvils in America? Where did you find your info? I have seen your style elsewhere but I am not sure what it is. If you can find a copy of Anvils in America by richard postman, or want to purchse one, it would have a lot to say. Thanks for any help and I hope you find more info.
  2. John Powell! I am the one who posted the other thread on this site looking for information. I was wondering what you might know? Where did you find information/ images about the heels breaking off? Thomas Powers, here on Iforge, has one with a broken heel but I believe it was because it was made with vertical plates. Mine, and by the look of it, yours seem to be solid body. Have you seen a copy of Anvils in America, there is supposed to be some mention of Powell in there but I cannot find a copy I don't have to buy and it is not cheap so I have not . Any thoughts? Thanks
  3. KingAether, It is nice to see another JP. Thomas Powers said JP anvils are mentioned in the Book Anvils In America. I would like to see a copy without spending $80 for the seemingly small bit Postman mentions them but I have yet to come across a copy. That 300#er looks nice, congratulations! More photos!
  4. HAHA! Yes. The only TLC it got was the top wire wheeled to remove old duct tape and then a nice coat of homemade boiled lindseed oil. Hot iron was then applied. (:
  5. I would enjoy seeing a photo of yours if you found the time to take one, I like that you see treasure in a broken anvil. I am super curious about John Powell being there is no information making itself immediately available and I am going to do some genealogy research and see if anything comes up. How did your post man know that your anvil was a JP, is what I wonder? The block is a chunk of old old growth redwood. It was quarter sawn from a tree that must have been 12 ft or more in diameter judging by the curve of the rings in the end grain. It held up the corner
  6. Hello, thanks again. I did purchase it and it turns out to have great rebound. It is beauty really. Needs a little TLC but I am happy. Here are some photos. 134lbs.
  7. Hello and thanks for your reply. I was mostly just looking for opinions of them. I cannot do a bearing test because it is through ebay. I did all kinds of searches. The only thing i came up with is a reference in a response to someones elses post here on the I forge site. In the photos of it I believe I can see the forge weld line of the hard face on the body, but it is not super clear and I am asking the seller as well. Your comment that yours has decent rebound is what I was looking for. The one I am looking at clearly says 'warrented, solid wrot, some kind of deep 'P' mark, john powell, bi
  8. I am looking at a john powell 134# anvil from birmingham england and I cannot find any information about them. Help?!!
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