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  1. With how rich it forge appears to be running after he put the billet in, my money is on kerosene. Especially if y'all have seen other videos by him using the same technique on stacked steel billets as there would be no reason to degrease freshly ground steel. Soaking a billet in kerosene as an alternative to the more traditional borax flux is a technique I have read about extensively on the ABS forums. One of the explainations I heard for this technique is that when the kerosene burns it coats the steel in a layer of carbon soot which prevents oxygen from coming in contact with the steel thus
  2. Let me add that I have seen numerous comparable blowers sell in my area recently for around the $200 mark. My question is more so about the combo with the rivet forge as I haven't seen many good comps sell recently. And we all know what prices have been doing with anything blacksmithing related.
  3. An antique picker I know sent me some pictures today of a champion forge and hand crank blower that he is looking to sell. He had it in his shop when I purchased my anvil from him not long ago. Everything appeared to be in good shape. There were no cracks in the fire pot and the blower did work though there was a little play in the bearing of the crank. Anybody know what these are going for these days?
  4. That would be interesting. The county fire guys use this one as a ventilation fan. They use that ply wood door on the side of the trailer to hook it directly into a building then pressurize the whole building to clear smoke. Pretty sure there would be nothing left standing of my shop if i were to try to crank that thing up.
  5. So I found a large squirrel cage fan at work.... But it might be a bit big to serve as a blower. What do y'all think?
  6. Das, we would certain appreciate you refraining from excessive hammering of EMTs. I try to only give my EMT partner one every now and then to keep them in line.
  7. Thanks for for invite Joe. That is actually a day that works with my work schedule as I don't have to be there till 1900 on the 1st. I will try to make it. As for the anvil situation, I rode over and took a look at them today. I ended up buying the Peter wright one that you suggested Daswulf. The rebound on it was much superior to the other one. And while the heel is cracked off and there is one decent chip on the edge, there is no delamination of the face. Still even rings pretty good. Plus I ended up getting for about $0.80 per lbs. So a pretty good score in my opinion.
  8. Thank Jon. And yes, I am very aware of the anvils being sold out of Denver. I believe that I actually meet the gentleman (if I am thinking of the right guy) a few months ago at an estate sale where we watched a 198 lbs shop anvil sell for almost $1300... Hence why I have yet to buy an actual anvil. Like I said, up until know I have been using my improvised "anvils" and have been very happy. Just thinking that I might be able to get one of these at a decent deal since they are missing the heel. And there are plenty of ways to work around not having a hardie hole. As for the group at the f
  9. So up until now, I have gotten buy just fine with improvised anvils. Whether it is a old sledgehammer head mounted in a log that I used for primary "anvil", the 1/2 inch angle iron I mounted on the edge of my work bench for straightening, or the "mandrel" I used which is really a top maul. I have gotten by just fine. Especially since all the anvils I have been able to find in my area in NC go for more than $4 per pound, with some even being much higher ($6-8). Well I have found a guy on Craigslist that is selling various "anvils and anvi-like objects". He has some various pieces of rail and I
  10. I need a few last minute gifts this year, so i decided to try my hand at a few simple bottle openers. Turned out decently for first attempt. And they actually work really well.
  11. Thanks Latticino. And yes, I tempered the knife in the oven at 400 for a total of 2 hours. I also did a series of 3 normalization before my quench.
  12. So I am very, very new to forging. And my plan was to spend a significant amount of time learning the basics of blacksmithing making decorative pieces and tools. But my fiance had different ideas... Her birthday is today and despite multiple attempts to convince he to let me make her something simple and decorative, she had her heart set on a knife. And of course you have to give the lady what she wants. So this is my first attempt at making a knife. It is forged out of 1080 1/2 inch bar stock and modeled after one of her favorite kitchen knives that she uses to chop vegetables. The bla
  13. I do like the gutter idea. I have them soaking in some vinegar right now. But the gutter would be much better doing long prices than the plastic container I use now. Thanks Marc.
  14. That is what I was thinking. Better than the mild steel I have been working with. Not as good as the tool or spring steel I have.
  15. Well curiosity got the better of me. I had a few minutes before heading to work tonight, so I cut one of the rods and ground the galvanization back enough to do a spark test in the core metal. Here is the result. What do y'all think.
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