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  1. Announcing the 2019 WRABA Conference Featuring: Patrick J. Quinn Pat will be demonstrating Sculptural Forging in his signature style, with a focus on the fundamental forging methods and tooling used. Patrick J. Quinn is the executive director at the Center for Metal Arts in Johnstown Pa. & has taught blacksmithing, fabrication, and tool making at Southern Illinois University, Hereford College of the arts, The Penland School of Craft, The Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, and The Adirondack Folk School. June 29th and 30th 9AM to 5PM Bur
  2. I have a 325lb Euro with a side shelf. I really like having a section of very wide face allowing me to straighten work without turning it 90°, seems minor but it is very convenient. Also great for scroll starting, and fork tine forging.
  3. Thanks Frosty, The Demonstrator is asking our group to provide a contract, I suspect he may be using the term loosely and just wants written confirmation. I talked with Brian the President of SOFA and he says he just uses a letter detailing the terms agreed to, to give the demonstrator piece of mind, not an actual legal contract.
  4. I was asked to provide a contract for our conference demonstrator, but this isn't something we have been asked for before. Would any of you good people, who have experience with this, be willing to offer any reference or guidance?
  5. Frosty, Nothing to do with Marvel... there is just a ton of Poison Ivy on my property that we didn't notice when we were buying it. My wife joked that we accidentally bought a Poison Ivy Farm so Poison Ivy Forge evolved from that. My Avatar is a picture of my touchmark in steel.
  6. Dykem TEXPEN it is a paint marker, but ball point not the felt type that gets thrashed super fast. It takes a while to dry but lasts years.
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