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  1. This is very interesting guys. I will try this corn burning soon. I wonder what would happen if I burn cob and all? We will see! I'll get some pics and stories when I do it. Wampus
  2. In response to your coal shortage,I have the same problem here,I make charcoal. It doesn't burn as well as coal,but it gets the job done.
  3. My neighbors both have commercial grass cutting buisinesses and as a result have lots of old blades that are just thrown out. Have any of you ever made anything out of old lawn mower blades? ~~WAMPUS
  4. I think that I might have some lighter plate, I will check.
  5. Well Guys I have made progress and have invented my own forge system. Wahooo! You guys are gonna love this I just know it. I bought an old farm trailer (like the hay ride kind but without the sides and the wood floor) for $200. It has a steel frame with steel beam that run across the trailer with 16" between them. I also have a mother load of this 1.5" thick plate that is in 4'x8' sections. I am going to fasten those plates on the trailer to make a floor/deck/table top (can you see where this is going?) Then I am going to cut a hole in the deck and put my fire pot in it. I am then going to use the blower part of an old air handler to give me my air flow. (I am not sure how just yet) But I think that this is a good idea. I complete forge mounted on a trailer that can be pulled around the farm by either the tractors or the mules. All I would have to do is hook her up to the electricity for the blower and away I go. Plus by standing only 3'8" tall the trailer is the perfect height for a work bench. Pretty cool huh? Let me know what you think. I will post pictures later. ~~WAMPUS
  6. I am 14 and am learning from a neighbor....he can forge things that boggle the mind...... ~~W
  7. How many blacksmiths do we have here that haven't yet graduated from highschool? In other words,under age 18. Just curious. ~~Wampus
  8. Okay everybody here is our situation. I have aquired a brake drum and some other goodies. My question is can I get going in the right direction with this xxxx? 1. mid sized brake drum 2. 55 gallon barrel (i might have 2 of them I don't know for sure) 3. A whole heck of alot of cinderblocks and bricks 4. some angle iron ( really heavy) 5. 3/4" steel plates (about 4x8') ~~Wampus
  9. Hi everybody! I am getting into smithing and found this site. It looked like a fairly friendly place so I joined. I hope to learn alot from you guys! ~~Wampus
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