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  1. an old vacuum with the tube cut off, and duct taped to the "exhaust" makes a great blower (make sure you seal all other outlets with tape!)
  2. sorry to be asking slightly off topic, but how are swallowtail arrowheads made? many thanks monty
  3. thanks for your replies and pictures, i can deal with bodkins and broadheads etc, its just the barbed ones, and the crecent ones, and the twisted ones etc, i thought that the barbed ones may also include a forge weld maybe?
  4. hi, sorry if this is in the wrong place, i couldnt find a better place for it. i was wondering how to make arrow heads like a barbed broadhead, a crecent shaped one a forked one etc and others pictured in the attachment. thanks all help welcome monty
  5. the melting pot is a thick walled cap offf something, basically a short cylinder, without the top half, i also added "lid" a bit of scrap plate, piled th coas aroud a waited ( add carcoal to the inside to stop oxidisation/weird ceramic that forms with copper when it absorbs oxygen) you need to have a large fire even to melt copper so i dont think steel is possible in a forge
  6. some pictures of a hoof pick made with my first horse head, hope it is up to standard!!
  7. thank you, after much bending and going wonky on the end , burning and re filing i have a useable eye punch, thank you very much for the information that you have posted,it is really helpful. monty
  8. how do you stop the eye punch bending or upsetting into itself when you are bob punching it?
  9. that totals at 120 cubic inches doesnt it? correct me if i am wrong monty
  10. buy the book "swedish blacksmithing" it s written by someone who studied with a gransfors smith and it has a step by step for axe forging, or just make like a hot cut but draw blade out more downwards, and put the appropriate eye shape
  11. the dark block in the crucible is charcoal
  12. .jpg]
  13. the cast was successful i melted it in some sort of cap, similar to a small thick walled pan, with a spout chiseled into one side, and a bar welded on, i then made a huge fire, put in said copper, probably about an ounce then put a peice of scrap plate ontop, places some semi charred wood in the "crucible" then built up the fire around it and left it, when i saw a molten mess in the bottom, i blowtorched the angleiron trough with a small propane burner, to evaporate water, and poured it straight in, once it had cooled from a liquid state, i knocked it out, and cooled it wasnt a perfect ingot so i intend to remelt the bad half this afternoon, and hopefully get pics! thank you for all your help monty
  14. an ingot from the pipe and wire,useing a coke forge, in an angle iron trough, i wont be pouring it as i intend to forge it, so it will be staying in the trough till it is cold thanks