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  1. I forged an axe this weekend and need to know how to temper it. The axe is made out of 1045 and is a punched hole axe. I have heat treated it in peanut oil (just the edge) and let it cool over night. How can I temper the axe and to what temprature? Thanks, Steven
  2. lilly made from Rebar

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  4. Did you hand forge every grape or use a ball jig?
  5. MIG welding VS Fire welding! What do you chose?

    I am going to do an intermedate mig welding tutorial later. I'll add some of these really good "tips". (if you "catch my drift") :P Mod note: That will not be posted here. IFI promotes informed information, not just posting for ones own amusement
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  10. Gomer the fish

  11. Wacky candle holder

  12. Fireplace Set

  13. Hey IFI people, I live in Atlanta, Ga and have had no luck with finding scrap yards that will let you pick around. If any one knows PLEASE let me know! Thanks, Steven
  14. Hey folks, Once again it is Steven. Hope yall had a wonderful weekend! Today we are going to be discussing MIG welding and the roll the MIG welder plays in the blacksmith shop. I know many smiths who are compleetly apposed to keeping any welder in their shop, I also know many who couldn't live without one. I guess it is mostly prefrence. 10 minutes on learning how to make a wire welder work or 2-3 weeks on perfecting fire welding. :P Me being me (one impatient son of a gun) I like to get things as fast and as easly as humanly possible. Here are some videos on MIG welding, and PLEASE share your opions on electrical welding VS MIG welding. This video covers MIG welding Basics
  15. The "Art" of understanding Blacksmiting

    He is one very intelegent human being!