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  1. bg7m

    Knife identfy

    Yes sir, haven't found any info so far. Thanks
  2. Not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I would like to find out the maker of this beautiful knife. Has a maker's mark that appears to be -SUS- and a master smith stamp on the back side. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Been a while since I posted here. Here is a small knife I made of 1080 carbon fiber and bolsters of Jose Gomez Damascus. This Damascus is some of the best I've ever used. Thanks Jose for producing such fine Damascus.
  4. Rich, No, that is not my steel. I'm not sure who made it, I've had the steel a long time. I havent made any damascus in a long time. Thanks for the comment
  5. Thanks for the comments guys
  6. Finished a folder a while back and thought I would post a pic of it here. Thanks for looking
  7. Finished a small pocket knife, 3 1/8" closed length. 416 stainless bolsters, laminated abalone scales and the remaining piece of the last piece of damascus I made about two years ago. Thanks for looking
  8. bg7m

    Show me your Lathe

    Here is my little Schaublin 70. I use it to make pivot screws and bushings. Accurate little lathe.
  9. bg7m

    Deer Hunter

    Thanks for the comments. The bow is a PSE Blackhawk takedown.
  10. bg7m

    Deer Hunter

    Here is a hunter I finished. It's 01 tool steel, soldered 416 stainless guard, red and stainless spacers. About 9" overall length. Deer antler handle. Thanks for looking, Buddy
  11. Finished a big frame lock with a forged 5160 blade, titanium frame and clip and carbon fiber onlays. Stainless screws. Thanks for looking
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