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  1. I've finished up a couple of knives, and tomahawks so far. I want to further my education on forging blades. If you would be so kind, could you tell me some of the most useful books you have read on the subject.
  2. The blades you make are fantastic, this is a style you truly excel with.
  3. I didn't mean to imply steel was inferior, I meant that after hearing about the weaknesses of titanium that steel really is the best choice. I suppose thats why it has never been replaced. Thanks for all the advice guys. ^_^
  4. Thanks for the advice guys. This was probably just a pipe dream, I was interested to hear that titanium can become really brittle and now that I think about it the weight would help with the "chop". P.S. Thomas Powers- yeah, I never will understand people who say crowbar while looking at a European sword. In the long run I had wanted to make a claymore like this but I think I'll just stick to steel. ^_^
  5. Guess I should have mentioned that A) this is not a project I will be attempting any time soon, I know it won't be stronger, I wanted to know how much weaker it would be so I could weigh the different values of weight to strength. ^_^
  6. Hello, The zombie apocalypse is real popular. I had an idea for a katana that I think would be perfect. I know that the inner section (sorry forget the more technical term) is generally made to be softer so that it will absorb shock better, while the edge is diamond hard. So what if the softer steel were to be replaced with a strong titanium. I figure that i would have to fold the steel and titanium separately (I'm assuming that folding titanium will make it stronger) then I can shape them and finally forge weld the edge to the body. I have 0 experience and less than a year with steel so an
  7. Rich Hale, thanks for the link, your knives look really cool. I like the horn handles. Once again I'd love seeing any straight razors that smiths have forged, please post any pictures you have. Thanks. ^_^
  8. I guess this is the best place to ask. I want to know how a bolt head can be attached to the shaft. In particular I'd like to know how I can attach a socket bolt head. Thanks in advance for all replies they're appreciated .
  9. Hey, just wondering if anyone has forged a straight razor. If you have I'd love to see it. ^_^
  10. I know it's not metal, but i need a wood working lathe to make handles and decorative additions to my iron work. At most I think I'll be turning about two feet of wood. I'd like to know some brand names, features to look for, and a decent price range for a first lathe. Thanks in advance for all replies and critiques. :D
  11. Thanks for all the advice guys. I think I might even have a file that matches your descriptions. The problem might have occurred because one of my smaller chisels bent over on the chisel guard (luckily it was easily fixed), I had to enlarge the hole before I could pull it out. This might have given it the unevenness. Once again thank you for the advice. ^_^
  12. Hey, sorry about the no pictures. I just started a rr spike hawk... this is when my thread gets filled with people telling that it won't make an effective blade, right? Look I've heard it all and I know that you mean well but please just stick to the topic. To be honest I agree but I wanted to get a feel for tomahawks, so flattened the blade, and drifted the hole and it came out all right but a bunch of metal was rough and sticking out in the middle. since it's in the eye I can't grind it so I was wondering if a file then sanding would do the trick. If so where could I find a good file for t
  13. Sorry I hadn't gotten around to setting my location. I live in North Carolina USA. Thanks for all the advice.
  14. Hi I'm new to blacksmithing with only one tomahawk and a couple hooks and leaves under my belt. I've been trying to make a tomahawk handle that works well and doesn't crack. I'm fairly sure the problem is the wood as it is just a section of a branch I found. I want to know if there is a specific wood that any of you prefer, where I can get it, how I should prepare it and how I can attach it to the tomahawk. Thank you for any and all replies they are all appreciated .
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