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  1. Many thanks, by now I'm fairly convinced that it's a cast steel anvil. At 5€/Kg / 2$/Lb and being in good shape I'll consider buying it
  2. I'd describe the ring as long and high pitched
  3. Unfortunately I didn't have a bearing ball to test it, I'll see if I can find one before I see it again. And about the ring test, I did test how it sounded but wasn't sure how to interpret it. Being a one piece cast anvil, would there be a noticeable diference between cast iron and cast steel? I thought the ring test was mostly to check if the face was properly attached.
  4. Frazer, I'm afraid I couldn't make a photo, but I can describe it further. It had a horn and a tapered section on the other side of the face. Had a hardy hole of about 2cm and a pritchel hole, both centered. The surface of the metal was rough all around. It had a square stud below to attach it. It is in Spain, so I guess the E in the markings might be for España.
  5. I've been offered an anvil with the markings Lincoln E 50, it seems like it's cast and 50 most likely refers to 50kg. I'd like to know if these are good anvils, since I haven't been able to find anything about Lincoln anvils. Thanks for your time.
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