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I Forge Iron

No blacksmithing today..wonder why?


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Looks like you got a lot more than us. We got about 2 inches here but none stuck to the road. It is the most we have had after living here 8 years. I had to decimate the kids and neighbor kids at snowball.

They know I play rough. They learned that the last time we had an inch yet they still come back. I'm just continuing the lessons my dad taught.


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Looks like a nice day to me Donnie, making a snowman with the kids has to rank pretty high.

Snowed here yesterday, they were predicting 1-2" so of course we got just over 13". I spent 2 hrs plowing before we went to dinner at friends and had another 4" on the ground when we got home. I'm leaving that lay though, if I clean it up it'll just do it again and I'm getting about tired of winter for this season.

Temps have been going like a yo yo too, 25f yesterday, -5f this morning and 22f right now.

I'm more than ready for some green and warm.


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No snow for us, and no tears in my eyes over it either!! Everything is blooming and budding out here. Mid 80's this past Friday, highs lower and mid 50's past 2 days and will be in the upper 70's by weeks end. Yeap, I kinda like it here....

Donnie, glad you spent the time with the kids! They will remember this day when they are old. Good for you!

petersenj20, just remember, they too will grow up one day! ;) and the it will be YOU getting pounded with the snowballs! :) ask me how I know....it just wasn't with snowballs...:)

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All the best for tomorrow Dale, it doesn't sound like it's going to good day for the people of Victoria. It's hard to believe the fires are still burning there, keep safe mate. That snow sure is a strange concept.

Ian Ross

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It's been a positively balmy 10-12 degrees C here lately. Squirrels and owls are out of hibernation, snowdrops have been out for a while. Haven't seen any bats yet though. It snowed a few weeks back and of most of the country ground to a halt due to poor preparations.

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