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  1. Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and maybe some new ones. Keen to see the press in action again. Ian
  2. Thanks for the heads up Andrew, unfortunately the Saturday is definitely out and I can't confirm that Sunday will be ok, I will have to see how I'm travelling on the day. Ian
  3. Will hammer guards be supplied Phil, or will we have to bring our own? You might want to consider an arm governor as well,, to limit the swing.
  4. Ok, fair enough, let's get back to the subject at hand. How are preparations for Get Hammered going? I see Moony is getting some "toys" ready.
  5. Yeah, done that with several topics, never seems to work so I gave up doing it.
  6. I have one of our old computers set up to listen to music and watch demo DVDs. As to what music, well, I was a 70s teenager so listened to Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd etc, but my music tastes have been pretty progressive over the years,. Anything from Blues, Reggae, Ska, Grunge,. Metal, New Wave pretty much most things except Country and Pop. I'm currently listening to Punk and Hardcore, Alternative Metal and Drum and Bass in the workshop.
  7. Disappointed I'm not able to make it to this event, my youngest daughter lives about 10mins from there so I would have had a place to stay as well. I best pull my finger out and get membership organised and keep an eye out for future events. Hope you all have a great weekend and if I don't see you beforehand I'll catch you at Get Hammered Ian
  8. Here is my newly built gas forge, made from a forklift gas cylinder. Still to come are a hinged door, stock support and a removable internal wall so I can use just one burner. It can evenly heat stock up to 56cm long so it will be great for one heat bending.
  9. Unable to make it, looks like I'm missing a good event, will have to try for next year. Looks like Phil has started a hat wearing trend, I will have to keep an eye out for a "bowler" ;) Ian
  10. Thanks for your comments Beth, I was happy with the outcome and so was the client, so good results all round. :) Cheers Ian
  11. Thanks for your comments Beth, I was happy with the outcome and so was the client, so good results all round. :) Cheers Ian
  12. Thanks for your comments Beth, I was happy with the outcome and so was the client, so good results all round. :) Cheers Ian
  13. Thanks for your comments Beth, I was happy with the outcome and so was the client, so good results all round. :) Cheers Ian
  14. Matt black it is, here's some photos of the gate installed, client was very happy and that's the most important thing. Ian
  15. IanR


    Welcome aboard Darren, you may be interested in "Get Hammered" a get together we have at Braidwood NSW around the end of October at Glenn Moon's place. You'll be able to find past details in the blacksmithing section. Cheers Ian
  16. IanR

    It's taken a while

    Forgot to add the weight.....105lbs Ian
  17. IanR

    It's taken a while

    Great information Frank and doc, I thought I would post a few more pics showing the decoration and stampings, before I install it today. Cheers Ian
  18. IanR

    It's taken a while

    I was a bit disheartened when I went to pick it up as I hadn't seen it for some time,but it cleaned up well with a wire wheel and an oily rag. Hope to install it on the weekend. Cheers Ian
  19. IanR

    It's taken a while

    A childhood friend of mine lives in his late Grandmothers house and for as long as I can remember there has been a blacksmiths vice in the shed there.Since becoming interested in blacksmithing about ten years ago I have been asking if he would be interested in parting with the vice, but his answer has always been no as it belonged to his great Grandfather. A reasonable answer I guess but frustrating as the vice just sat there on the floor and was never used. I went and saw his mother recently and asked her thoughts on it, well, she said that she was the current owner of it and that I was welcome to take it as it would be put to good use. As your can imagine I am very pleased, it is a 6 inch model made by Atwoods of Stourbridge England and is in very good condition. I have attached a before and after photos Cheers Ian
  20. Congratulations, looking forward to seeing the finished piece, nice prominent location. Ian
  21. Wow, thanks very much for all your comments,observations and advice, all very much appreciated. Cheers Ian
  22. Simply amazing, incredible detail, you are truly talented. Cheers Ian
  23. Even though I failed to create any interest in last years sculpture competition, run by the local district art society, I've decided to have another go. I was amazed by some of the odd pieces I saw last year, some of which were highly commended. This year I have entered something a little different. It is made from 25, 14,and 12mm steel, with the 25mm being upset at the ends to give me more bulk. The sculpture is mounted in a block of sandstone and the same stone was used to make the 'egg'. I have called it 'The Initiation' (Make of it what you will.....I think that's how it works :) ). I am worried that it may be too contrived and that I may have been better off welding a bunch of random scrap together and calling it 'The Pain of Childbirth'...lol. I welcome any comments or criticisms Cheers Ian
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