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  1. should be a good one this year...i'll be there
  2. have him call josh at BIG BLU 828-437-5348...we'll take and forward some pictures ASAP.
  3. i'll be there...myself(andy chapman) and andy phillips will be demonstrating friday afternoon. we will be making a sign bracket the two of us collaborated on..we did a short test run at our meeting a couple weeks ago....i hope it makes for a good demo project.
  4. all in one...very nice!
  5. nice work!!
  6. very nice!! i like the way you are haging it...nice detail!
  7. very nice!..good looking piece of wood too.
  8. very cool!!
  9. well this is the kind of response we thought we would get. that is the reason we recorded the video and posted it to the you tube. 175 psi?...i wish we had that in the shop..we're pretty sure jose's is a mk3(one of the old qc hammers..
  10. bring your ear plugs to try it :D
  11. looks good..its just your syle of wing. i like the base. here's my first two attempts at the crane. one is out of 1/4 x 1" the other is out of 3/8 x 1 &1/4" ..thank you brian for sharing the step by step photos. this is a fun project..still working on the wings.
  12. very nice!
  13. the 65 uses the same die system as the 110 and the 155..
  14. good looking hammer brian.
  15. anyone going to quad state this year?