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14.5 inch, Cable Knife


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I went by a crafts store and picked up a leather stamp, this is my second attempt at decorating the leather. This sheath took me about 5 hours to make. The knife is a 14.5 inch long cable knife made from 1 inch diameter cable. I did not etch it very long, just enough to see the pattern when it is in your hand.


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Nice work the leather really took on an aged look after the treatment.

I like those old stanley boxwood folding rules too. I have several, but don't think I have that one. Do you know what number it is?
I have a # 32 but don't think thats it.

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It was heated to about 1550 degrees F then edge quenched in oil. I used an infra red heat gun to tell when it was up to temperature. As soon as I can get to a hardness tester I will let you know what it checked out at.

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posts like this give me even more motivation to overcome hurdles & get my shop up and running. You are doing great work, and I thank you for sharing your methods! The sheath making has me more worried than the rest, but it looks as if you are well on your way on the sheaths. Thanks again, that is a fantastic knife, even more so due to your handle design! A.J.

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