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Armed Forces Roll Call

Tom Lumpkins

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I was in the Army from 1980 till 1983, for the first part of my term I was stationed at Ft Campbell,Ky I was with Bco 158 Aviation, BLT.
I was a 64 charlie, Truck Driver.
The second part of my tour I was stationed with 226th S&S 13th S&S BLT. over in Ludwiggsburg, Germany, at Flak Kaserne.
I know this is a small world we live in and Can't never tell one of my friends from the Army just might be a member of IFI...

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I thought we had some old Marine's on here and Where's the Navy at.. lol.. lets here from you all..
I was off work a couple years ago, I had fell and tore my muscle and all that stuff away from the knee. and I'm a Member of the 101st Airborne assoc. and they send out magazine's and in one of the magazines there was a guy in there looking for a friend that he had in vietnam, His friends name was Charles . And me being laid up with the knee problem I fiqured I would try and help him find his friend. I tried for two month's to find the guy and spent no telling how much time making phone calls. and never did find the guy. There's a special bond thats forged when your in the military and it's nice to be able to find a old friend and share some old storie's..

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My name is David Gaunt. I was stationed at Flak Kaserne from 1980-1983 with the 226th S&S Company. I remember you Tom. Been along time since I heard from anybody. Though I have seen Alex Gustafson. Do you remember him? Went by the name Gus. A truck driver.

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Dave, I just got off the phone with Mac.. I told him about you sending me a PM.. and we are both wanting to get you on the phone and shoot the bull .. I kept up with Larry Keene , and John Curuso. , And Kerry Glenden , for along time and lost touch with them .. I guess time has a way of doing that. Man it sure is good to hear from you.. Plz call me this weekend.. I got At&t phone service, And I ain't sure what Mac has.. Also One other thing.. Welcome to I Forge Iron,, You'll like it here ,,Some darn good people and besure and check out the Chat Room...Tom

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