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I Forge Iron

Spring All-Hands Event, May 21-22, 2022

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Good day curmudgeons and lurkers alike,

The Genesee region will be hosting the NYSDB Spring All-Hands event this year at the Arc and Flame Center. We are excited to have Lisa Lofdahl of LLMetalworks as our demonstrator for both days. Coffee, doughnuts, and meals are included in the registration fee** and will be provided for both days. Folks are welcome to bring a dish and/or a dessert if they wish.

The rough schedule for both days is as follows:


  • 8am: Registration, Coffee, Doughnuts
  • 9:30am: Introductions
  • 10am: Lisa Lofdahl demonstration
  • 12pm: Lunch & other NYSDB business
  • 1pm: Iron in the Hat & (potentially) an Auction
  • 2pm: Lisa Continues
  • 6pm: Dinner
  • 7pm: Open forging 


  • 9am: Coffee and Donuts
  • 10am: Lisa Lofdahl demonstration
  • 12pm: Lunch
  • 1pm: Possible open forging followed by clean up

If you're local (or semi-local) we hope to see you there! I have attached the flyer for the event if you're interested in learning more.


B. Frazer

** There is a registration fee for this event


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Sounds like a lot of fun -- I wish I could make it!

Rochester Arc & Flame is a great facility, and Brian and Candy are great people. Anyone visiting the area should swing by and take a look, if only for the inspiration!

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Breakfast lunch an dinner and an all day blacksmithing event for $40?
That’s a heck of a bargain! I’ll be surprised if y’all don’t sell out! 

I didn’t recognize the name so I checked the LLMetalworks website, very very nice work! 

those demos outta be awesome!

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Certain sections of my original post were (understandably) removed by the powers that be, including the flyer. I suppose one could consider it advertising in a certain sense and/or too much information in general. I'm not sure which, but I'm not complaining. I figure if folks are interested and would like more details they can send me a PM.

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There was a flyer? Guess I missed that part lol 

i just googled the name Scott,

Sheesh Frazer!
Don’t ya know we got rules round here!
No fussin, No cussin an No Flyers! :P

I just had to get onto Frosty last week for posting a Snoopy gif! :rolleyes: Lol

y'all done gone rogue!

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22 minutes ago, TWISTEDWILLOW said:

No fussin, No cussin an No Flyers! 

Hey now, I ain't fussin'! It's not my sandbox. I'm just here to make castles!

Latticino, I probably should have made a post sooner. It's been discussed at the last few meetings, but not necessarily at length. Your presence will be missed, but I'm sure your niece will be happy to celebrate with you. (Congrats to her by the way!)

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Your niece wouldn't be the first person to hold an engagement party at a blacksmith hammer in I'm sure. 

At least you're not on one of the farthest bits of the USA from the site. <sigh>

Frosty The Lucky.

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I think that is a great idea.  Too bad I'm getting it too late to change everyone else's plans ^_^.

Agree, it is tough living out in the back beyond.  I'm sure lucky with monthly hammer-ins only a 20 minute drive away and two additional ones only 2 or 3 hours away as well (not to mention four different good quality craft schools that teach blacksmithing within a days drive also).

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There was a trade off I made willingly when I decided to extend that vacation indefinitely. I grew up in LA county and had access to some of the coolest scrap yards and best sources on the planet. Just no elbow room, even on a large lot we couldn't do much without the neighbors approval. 

I am SOOOO looking forward to doing a little snow birding with Deb in the RV. Hopefully gas prices will come back to earth. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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