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Tornado swarm


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Thank you. I have family in western Kentucky. Luckily they're all safe but it was bad. Even in northern Kentucky where I live it was pretty dicey last night. I thought the wind was going to break the window on the wall of my house that was facing the wind. 


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Was there anything cooking Steve? :o

Glad to hear you weren't in one of the tracks. You can disregard my email and PM asking.

A local friend of mine's Mother live in OKC and only had to clean up little stuff, leaves, branches, etc. He's up in arms about storm shelters being code. He HATES GVT interference in his life but I guess it's okay to force other folks to do things.

If you're interested, search "precast storm shelter," I'll bet they're REALLY back ordered this morning. You can even get one installed fairly quickly, above ground Garage shelters roll off a slideback and cement to the garage floor with construction adhesive. Even the inground slope ended ones install in a day. I think I'd modify a slope fronted one (Can't help myself you know) with a hand pumped hydraulic cylinder to open the door in case it's covered in debris. 

Seems lots of company break rooms are above ground storm shelters, probably why the Amazon warehouse took so few fatalities. An early news report said something about employees running for evac. sites or the warehouse shelter.

As of this morning at least 93 of the 110 employees working in the candle factory made it to safety. Without communications they're having a really hard time finding survivors.

Frosty The Lucky.

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The factories I have worked in; the shells were just tin; but the bathrooms were all concrete block.  Unfortunately I would expect trampling injuries and deaths to exceed weather inflicted ones.  When we lived in Indiana, my father built a room in the basement in the "best" corner and we spent a lot of nights sleeping down there "just in case."

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I’m glad it was a firewood and not a ventilation delivery! 
on another note, I read an article this morning about the governors wife in Kentucky has started a toy drive running from today to the 18th, to help all the children who lost everything in the storm, so they don’t go without on Christmas, 

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