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Visiting the Hay Budden building

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I had to be in Brooklyn, NY early Sunday morning.  So I took my 21 lb. Hay Budden anvil, made in 1921 back to its birthplace.  The building HB made these in up to 1926 is still standing.  It has been used for many different purposes over the years.  Being Sunday morning it was all closed.  But I will return sometime to see what is inside, if possible.  This building is probably the only anvil manufacturing building still standing from the past.  So exactly 100 years after leaving this location, this small anvil returned.


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When Postman was writing "Anvils in America" there was still one of the anvil manufacturing buildings in Columbus Ohio standing and it even had some tongs and stuff still laying around.   After that it was used as part of a hydrogenation plant and last I saw; the plant was being turned into Condos.

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