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When did you start blacksmithing?

How old were you when you started blacksmithing?  

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  1. 1. How old were you when you started blacksmithing?

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Glad you said, "when it got serious."

I started beating on hot steel when I was really young but it wasn't till I was maybe 20 I discovered "The Art of Blacksmithing" and started actually doing some blacksmithing.


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Started in High School when I was 18, we did a bit of patternwelding and made some frankish throwing axes. I did a really neat nazel helm for an art class my senior year out of phos-bronze and burgundy leather over an English doughboy helmet from WWI. I didn't get serious about forging until much later, after doing the starving artist thing in CA in 1990/91. But the last ten years or so I have been pretty serious about learning to get better;-)

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I was 16.
Dad always kept a little anvil and blower on the farm, but we didn't use it much.
When I was 16, I decided to build a shed for a proper shop. That shed has been the forging station ever since.

The book that really inspired me was an old copy on "Farm Mechanics-1946 edition"
One chapter on blacksmithing....but very clear and concise information.

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Age 40 , 2 young kids, went from full time carpenter/ woodworker to full time blacksmith/ metalworker. I've never done this as a hobby. Made a full time living at it ever since. No trust fund,no deals, no other income, no debts. My wifes' job at the local school pays the health insurance and the grocery bill [nothing to sneeze at ] otherwise it's all ironwork paying the way. I work full time but no overtime or weekends. It's hard ,dirty work ,but it's real. Most people , particularly, pampered Americans would be on their knees by lunchtime if they had to do it for a living.

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Did a bit at school as a kid, nothing then until I picked up an old riveters forge at 32.
Generally self taught, read the books watched other smiths etc. Started out under a blue tarp and last year finally built my own shop.
Not a profesional smith more a hobby smith which takes up all of my spare time....

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i started my aprenticeship at 15 as a blacksmith ,wheelright and farrier ,finished at 21, worked at the trade since .Finished shoing at 61 now at 62 i am taking a year of away from the smithy ,doing some carpentry work on my sons boat ,a 70 foot fishing boat stripping out the hold and fitting bunks ,to take whale watchers out ,i have got the heavy hull work done ,steaming planks ,a nice change ,and good to get out of the smithy and see the sky ,i am feeling well getting out of the smoke and grit.

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Always was a late bloomer LOL I started late......I was 36, and never did it as a hobby. I was a jeweler(for 5 years)....and met some architectural metalsmiths......and the rest as they say is history. My first project was working on a 28' chandelier that was going in the Advernture's Club at Pleasure Island in Disney. And it only got better from there.
Next year will be my 25th year as an ornamental metalsmith. wooooooohoooo

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