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I Forge Iron

Video: Van Der Steeg forges an anchor

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I also enjoyed this video made my wife and daughter watch it with me on fathers day.  I’ve never seen wrought iron look so wet as that stuff. I don’t think any of that was flux.  His forge welds sure were fun to watch.  I’d never seen filler pieces welded into gaps before 

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When folks ask "Why use wrought iron?"  Did you notice the amount of deformation he was getting per hammer blow working it at temps where mild steel would be burning!

Loved the "swimming surface" of the material at welding temp too.  The coarser wrought irons tend to be "juicy" in welds as the finer ones contain less silicates.

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Lasts forever in marine environments too, way better than galvy.  I'm on an island here, and it never fails to amaze me how many wrought iron chains and anchors are sitting out as yard art.  Also, a perfectly good post vise just up the road from me holding up a yard sign. Sigh... sometimes it sucks not being a kleptomaniac...


BTW Welshj, ya've got four lieutenants pointing north on your avatar.

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