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Newly built 2x72 grinder need belts

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Here is the new grinder I built. I am completely new to the 2x72 format. Still kind of new to blacksmithing. I have been in it about 1.5 years. I got a forge, anvil, leg vise. I’ve made some hooks, hearts, bottle openers, and 2 knives.  I have a friend tell me 3m Cubitron is the best and Norton is pretty good. Although offered no place to shop for one.  I understand that ceramic is the best, zirconia is next best, aluminum silica is the bottom. I have found a online shop called Combat Abrasives. Where is the best place to buy belts? knife supply store? Amazon? Other Brands? Links?

starting out I was going to get a couple low grit(36,80,120) for stock removal and 220/400 for shaping and sharpening. Is this a good starting point? 

need to still make a tool rest for my grinder. Any comments, questions, or suggestions on my grinder build?






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Nice looking grinder, ironwoolf.  Haven't used them yet, but a good friend recommended I buy Aluminum Oxide belts fromTru-Grit to get started.  They are inexpensive and he claims they last a long time..............especially for the cost.  I know from experience that Nortan Blaze belts are excellent...........but they need to pressed into hard to be effective.   For most people, heavy stock removal doesn't allow for accurate/efficient grinding.  I noticed that myself because by not really pressing hard on the Blaze belts, they tend to glaze over, which pretty much messes them up and negates their initial expense.  I'm supposed to get my new grinder from the supplier tomorrow and it'll be a while until I can get it up and running, but I'll try and review the belts I bought for it..........................though I respect the opinion of my friend concerning them.

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We are not allowed to post links to commercial sites, however the name is allowed so you can search for them. We found Pops Knife Supply to be a good source for belts.

There is a section here for many knife suppliers (with links).https://www.iforgeiron.com/forum/151-knife-class-reference-material/

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Hello everyone! So I looked all through the forum for possible info on this and I couldn't find anything so I'm hoping someone in this thread could help, or point me in the right direction, (I didn't know if I should start a new thread or not.. If yes let me know) I'm looking to build my own 2x72 grinder like yours Ironwoolf, and I found a treadmill motor online for cheap and I'm wondering if this controller on Amazon is plug and play? I have no where with all when it comes to electricity.. Screenshot_20200512-193728_Facebook.thumb.jpg.479fee3dcb4539c5a431f1d0ea161fb0.jpg

The motor with all the pertinent information



And the controller I'm looking at

Any guidance is greatly appreciated! 



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Nice looking grinder ironwolf. I hope you enjoy having it, I recently just moved up from a 1x30 to a 2x72 and I'm amazed how much metal a 2x72 can eat (as well as skin) so be careful. So far for ordering belts and other knife supplies I've found pops to be a pretty good place with pretty good prices, good customer service and no minimum on the number of belts you order which is nice if you want to try out different belts. I've tried norton blaze,  red label abrasive's ceramics and vsm xk885y ceramics from pops and honestly the vsm belts have been hard to beat for the money. Their relatively cheap for a decent ceramic belt and they respond well to low pressure which is nice since most ceramics need high pressure and speed to break down the grains and reveal new sharp grain.  As a newer knife maker I've found in nice having a ceramic belt that you dont have to lean into to get the most out of it especially with a 2x72 that can eat a good bit of metal pretty quickly.

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