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  1. Here is the new grinder I built. I am completely new to the 2x72 format. Still kind of new to blacksmithing. I have been in it about 1.5 years. I got a forge, anvil, leg vise. I’ve made some hooks, hearts, bottle openers, and 2 knives. I have a friend tell me 3m Cubitron is the best and Norton is pretty good. Although offered no place to shop for one. I understand that ceramic is the best, zirconia is next best, aluminum silica is the bottom. I have found a online shop called Combat Abrasives. Where is the best place to buy belts? knife supply store? Amazon? Other Brands? Links? starting out I was going to get a couple low grit(36,80,120) for stock removal and 220/400 for shaping and sharpening. Is this a good starting point? need to still make a tool rest for my grinder. Any comments, questions, or suggestions on my grinder build? Joe
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