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Blower suggestions


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Welcome to IFI! If you haven't yet, please READ THIS FIRST!!!

It would help us answer your question if you could give some more details. Is this a kiln that's heated with charcoal, or a retort for making charcoal? What kind of temperatures do you need to reach? Etc, etc. Too much detail at this stage is better than too little.

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Almost any commercial or industrial blower will be rated for continuous duty, provided you use it within it's acceptable operating range.  The two data points you need to know to select a blower are desired airflow (CFM in Imperial units) and pressure exerted at that airflow (External Static Pressure, usually abbreviate as ESP and usually in inches of water gauge in Imperial units).  These are a characteristic of your kiln/burner design and the duct or pipe between the blower and the burn chamber.  No one can select a blower for you without having this information, and just saying it is for charcoal doesn't help a whole lot.  If you do get that information I suggest you look at Greenheck, Twin Cities Fan, Cook, Peerless, Chicago, Dayton, or other reputable manufacturers.  Contact one of their sales representatives and I'm sure they will be happy to help you.

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12 hours ago, Samuelc123 said:

I figured I would have better luck on my questions

Well, you just got lucky. Latticino is an HVAC engineer in private life, and the information he just gave you is gold. Best of luck.

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On what hypothesis are you operating Samuel? Fire is fire, just ask 50,000 people who use fire for their craft?

There are a number of things YOU have to do, as in MUST, to find good answers.

#1 is know enough about what you're asking to be able to ask good questions. Your question is almost absent of necessary information to receive a meaningful answer. 

An example of un-answerable question that often get used here is. "I need a vehicle. What should I buy?" Without knowing what you need in a vehicle other than it moves under it's own power, nobody can make a suggestion that means anything. for example I might suggest 10 yard Peter Built, someone else might suggest a Bluebird, Honda Civic, etc. See what I  mean by NOT being ABLE to make a meaningful suggestion?

You've already gotten as good advice as you''re likely to ever get on this subject. Unfortunately you don't know how to collect the information to ask the right questions from the manufacturers. Right?

We'd love to help but we just don't know enough.

Frosty The Lucky.

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