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  1. True i just realized that lol, I do believe theirs a loop hole to this tho. The soapstone layer can be a secondary layer but the first layer can be something else?
  2. Perhaps maybe lining your forge with soap stone sheets cut to fit. Soap stone is a great refractory material because it holds alot of heat in better than most ceramics but also will not break and degrade over time as fast. It'll probably take decades to degrade im not sure. I don't know much about it. But I do feel like you should crush some and add it to your mix that frosty recommended
  3. Hello I'm sam and I had an idea that if powdered oxidizers were to be mixed in some ratio with charcoal, would the coals be hotter or create more ash. Oxidizers mixed with gas has been tried but why not solid fuels. Answers?
  4. I need help finding some small variable speed blower fans that has alot of cfm. I am making small charcoal and wood stoves and I need to be able to attach fans that I can controll speed. Please help me. I mean if theirs a hairdryer with a speed controll dial im up for it. I'm guessing you people who are reading this have seen what them portable wood stoves and charcoal stoves look like.
  5. I know I have posted about this topic before but not enough suggestions were given to me. I would like to know if any one has good suggestions on metal polish that's acidic and semi abrasive for removing tarnish and polishing steel and aluminum. If any one knows a good product or industrial product please let me know thankyou
  6. Finally some real good info and a guy with a smart brain no offence. Thankyou
  7. Oh I'm helping myself bud, its people who are not giving 100% info not pointing fingers. And the state i live in is Illinois. I dont know why my location matters or anyone's location matters on here. But I'm doing this project well within my private property and ofcourse away from trees.
  8. Theirs no phone books nowadays. I dont know what era you were thinking. Can you at least point me to the right refractory or industrial refractory with the specifications I need.
  9. Sounds good bud. Say do you know a recipe to making a castable refractory that can last long. If so jot it below. Thankyou
  10. XXXX yeah I did read this There is no reason to quote the post just prior to your reply. Quotes use up data/bandwidth and we have members world wide, some have to rely on dial up internet or pay extra for data. Please have some consideration for them.
  11. I do have clay stores near me like blick. Refractory cements are used in charcoal pottery firing kilns. If you have tips please place them below
  12. Ok I know this post is not in the right category but I couldn't find a category for kilns but this category is similar to kilns. Now to the post, In my recent posts I mentioned I needed to find a blower for my kiln, well I found one now and that was one item of the list. Now I'm trying to line either the inside or outside of my kiln with refractory cement diy or store bought. I need a refractory cement that can withstand 3000 degrees Fahrenheit because I'm firing pottery that requires 2500 degrees so why not have a cement for 3000. I do need a durable cement that can last long. I dont know if steel wool would reinforce the cement if I were to make my own. But if someone knows a good long lasting refractory cement recipe that can withstand 3000 degrees please let me know. I know it wont last forever that's why I will be ofcourse changing it. I provided photos of a smoker grill with measurements soon to be a kiln, Dont laugh. I'm using lump charcoal to fire clay like a charcoal blast furnace. I included a photo of the flue being measured from base and the photo with the calipers is being measured in mm. I dont know why it was in mm but owell. I hope all this info helps so some one may help me.
  13. I would like to polish brass,steel,aluminum copper,titanium and other hard metals
  14. I would like some some suggestions on a good acidic metal polish that can remove tarnish and minor corrosion. I heard of semichrome and flitz but I need one that cleans minor corrosion.
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