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I Forge Iron

Just got my first anvil!

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Well, technically yesterday, but still. Posted an ad locally and the owner of this beauty replied within 10 minutes. Ended up with a 103 lb Wilkinson for $150, and I can't wait to get it cleaned up, on a stand, and put to use. Gonna be a xxxx sight better than the railroad track I've got! 

Couple of questions though. What's gonna be the best way to finish it? I'm obviously going to be taking a wire wheel to the face, but I want to leave as much of the patina on the side without letting any further deterioration happen. Also, anyone with Anvils in America (someday...), what's your best guess on how old this is? 







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Good Morning,

Every facet of the Anvil is open season to Forge with/on. There are no 'Anvil Police', you will not go to Jail or to xxxx in a hand basket. Just because the top is fairly flat, doesn't mean the side isn't. Use it all, it cost the same price, no favorite corners or back alleys!!

Enjoy the journey, there is no end.......


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As you are in a damp area BLO will work on the sides/bottom. Hopefully you will use it enough to keep the face nicely shining.

I'm in a dry area, I mean dew is pretty rare and condensation in the shop is even rarer!  So I don't put anything on my anvils.  You got such a good deal that I would keep an eye out for the authorities and have your lawyer on speed dial!

With a pritchel hole it's most likely made after 1830 and looks to be in excellent shape!

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