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  1. As promised, pictures of work done so far.
  2. Sure thing. I'll get some pictures up when I get home.
  3. We're going to be feeding the oil through a filter before burning it, but aside from that, we're working in a well ventilated area. We have respirators as well if we feel like they're necessary.
  4. Hey guys, My dad and I are working on putting together a waste oil forge just to get started as we have most of the pieces needed and plenty of fuel already available. We know the dangers the products created by burning it, and are planning on using the forge outside for now. My main concern is the lining. Our current plan is to have 2" of kaowool and 1" refractory as the base, and 1 1/2" kaowool and 1/2" refractory in the upper shell. The more i'm thinking about it, the more I'm thinking we might need 1" of refractory in the shell. Our burner is going to be mounted into the side of the forge, so instead of blasting the floor, it'll be aimed at the opposite wall. Actual heated area will be ~385 cubic inches. Thanks in advance!