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I Forge Iron

First attempt at box jaw tongs.

Justin Topp

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Thank you both! Yes I forged the reigns our used about 6-7” of 3/4” square. Don’t remember exact length. Yes that is snow and a lot of it. I preheat my anvil before use or else it just sucks all the heat away.

We have horses and we show them our self so lots of old farriers nippers. Didn’t even think of making box jaws out of them. Might have to give it a go one of these days. 

I need a shop.....


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I think you’re forging just to try to stay warm. :o I’m at 58 right now, low of 41 tonight, but high of 70 tomorrow. It’s been this way all of our “winter” this year. We can’t get adjusted and everybody is getting sick

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Slag, winter's still there; just move North, (or waaaaay south).

GD2; I've seen forges in tepees; but it looks like you are working on putting one in an igloo! 

Not having the fancy boots I found that putting down a scrap piece of plywood over the snow would help keep my feet warmer when I lived in a slightly colder climate. When it got below 20 degF, I moved into the basement with a 1 soft firebrick forge.

  Out here if it snows I can wait a day or two and it's gone.

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I’ve almost got an igloo haha. It shrunk a lot from a 40 degree day we had. Dunno why it got so warm but it was nice. Made an axe I posted in the axe section. I have insulated leather boots rated -40 so I’m all good On the cold feet aspect. I typically don’t forge when it’s bellow zero unless it’s been a few days and I’m desperate. 

when it snows here I have to wait 5-6 months for it all to vanish haha

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