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Help me to get this ole guy back, 30+ megs of photos

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What can I do to restore this ole boy to his glory????

20200116_195108 - Copy (2) - Copy.jpg





20200116_195253 - Copy (4) - Copy.jpg



20200116_195315 - Copy (3) - Copy.jpg





20200116_195425 - Copy (2) - Copy.jpg





20200116_195549 - Copy - Copy.jpg


20200116_195556 - Copy - Copy.jpg









20200116_195646 - Copy.jpg


Some one has all ready welded on him I"m sure !

so what can I do do bring him Back??????


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Can I make a suggestion. Edit your post and resize all those large pictures and delete the duplicates. We have members world wide and a lot of them have to rely on dial up internet or pay for data and all those pictures are data hogs.

As far as restoring the old gal, in my opinion this is the only way to do it properly.


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I am afraid that not even Gunther can save that anvil. I doubt there is much original faceplate still welded to the body. 

Of course it does not harm asking someone experienced in restoring anvils having a closer look.  New faceplate can be build up with successive passes, hours of welding an 20 kilos of rods

What it seems that anvil needs, (from the safety of my keyboard) is a completely new faceplate. 

A new plate is welded to the body by leaving a gap wide enough for a welding rod to fit between plate and body. THe plate is welded starting from a point in the center and going round and round until the gap is completely welded up and full welding is achieved on all the face. 

Needless to say that it will cost to get a new plate machined, if you can not do it yourself, and a few kilos of welding rods, not to mention a powerful possibly 3 phase or diesel powered 300 or 400 amp DC welder.

Not rocket science but needs attention to detail and experience in stick welding, pre heating, a fume extractor and lots of patience.  

Of course the leftovers of the original plate need to be milled off, if it is determined it has no possibility of being repaired. 

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Sorry for the size of the pics , I'm a older pipe fitter and not real good with these newer cell phones didn't know it was doing such large photos. And I could not find a way to edit after I posted. Thank you to the mod that fixed it !

So it sounds as if I should use this ole Peter Wright as a lawn ornament,  it was given to me at no cost so was hoping I could make it usable to me.

Thanx for the info!

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The challenge with just welding on a tool steel plate is getting the heat treat and HAZ treat right. 

If you have proper rod available and plenty of welding experience, I think if you follow the link IF&C provided, you are unlikely to hurt her worse than she already is. 

If you do do any repairs, try to see how bad the delam is under the remaining plate. 

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I’d “retire” it from regular forging, and use it, if you have the space, simply to hold hardy tools, or a guillotine tool held in the hardy, or just use it as an extra horn, or the “table” bit behind the horn which is meant to be soft for cutting etc.  If you have the luxury of space next to another better faced anvil, then this grandfather still has some pragmatic uses. I have a second anvil, unsuitable for forging on, which has a smithin’ magician almost permanently mounted on it, which makes life a little simpler. 

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