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  1. I won’t be heating the place TP. My old forge based out of an attached garage was never heated and it was never a problem. I wear shorts 11 months of the year, which my missus thinks is weird in the damp, but I like being “outside”. Our weather is mild compared to yours I’m sure. In winter its rarely below freezing during the day and snow never lasts more than a day or two. I’m fortunate that I’m doing my blacksmithing for fun in retirement. If it’s cold I can either: a. Wear more clothing. or b. Work harder and swing the hammer harder Or c. Stay in the house and shrug. also I don't want to cover up all that beautiful oak with insulation etc. I do have a problem with condensation in the shop on some days when there’s a lot of moisture in the air. Things will go rusty quickly but wiping things down with an oily rag is a constant activity. Not a big deal in the forge, but my lathe is suffering a bit and that worries me a bit.
  2. I usually run out of personal steam by mid afternoon, which usually means that I don’t forge in the evenings so its not an issue for me
  3. i’ll be using largely LED lighting on the enclosed machine shop/ “clean” side. On the forge/“dirty” side, it’s open on the front and I’m trying to make it look “authentic” and I’ll normally work with no electric light, but I’ll hang a few edison bulbs from the roof for when I do need some lighting. I’ve only forged 2 or 3 times in the new place but I’m already finding the benefit of seeing the colour of the steel much better in a relatively dark environment.
  4. Yes, thats a good idea TP. A little roof that I can lift off, perhaps. I hope that we’ll get power plumbed in in the next couple of weeks.
  5. Vices. Two regular blacksmith post vices set up sunken into a slot and bolted down this morning on the old tree stump I have been using for a few years. The stump is slightly rotten and is not as rigid as I’d like, so in the medium term I’ll need a replacement stump. The other vice, set up outside the smithy (I know, I know but its most useful there is a circa 1895 Peter Wright parallel vice, that I restored a few months back. I’m a little unhappy with it as the jaws aren’t closing straight, so it’ll need some attention. Its the Uk so they’ll all be damp, I’ll keep oiling them up. The latter is on a chunk of “knotty ash” which although it has some creaks in it seems fine for now.
  6. Walls continue to go in, and this week got the chimney in, a bench for grinders, and my small anvil. Next few days we’ll get my big anvil in and a couple of vices on a tree trunk. also got some pigeon hole storage up at the back.
  7. I don’t suppose they are the cheapest, but I had some spare copper pipe and need some practice soldering as I’ll be using the same to install a compressed air system.
  8. i’m gonna hammer in the morning…. etc… copper pipe hammer racks now installed on one of the main oak posts, next to the forge.
  9. Rabbit. Steak and kidney. In this case though, fish pie.
  10. No walls yet but had a pal come round and make a plinth for my swage block with the offcuts of the building oak. Payment was a beer and a pie at the pub. ;- ) I’ll forge some right angles to hold the corners presently. It has a slot in it so I can stand the block on its side.
  11. OK, no walls yet, I admit. But I simply had to line up the chimney and to do that I needed the bellows too…
  12. Things are never too bad if you have a forge and a hammer…
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