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  1. Sorry for the size of the pics , I'm a older pipe fitter and not real good with these newer cell phones didn't know it was doing such large photos. And I could not find a way to edit after I posted. Thank you to the mod that fixed it ! So it sounds as if I should use this ole Peter Wright as a lawn ornament, it was given to me at no cost so was hoping I could make it usable to me. Thanx for the info!
  2. What can I do to restore this ole boy to his glory???? Some one has all ready welded on him I"m sure ! so what can I do do bring him Back??????
  3. I don't think I could mess this Ole Girl up any more if I hooked her to the truck and drug her to Cali ! Yall said you like pictures so I like taking them and here ya go Gents !
  4. I will post a face shot of it tomorrow, it is in very bad shape, not much rebound in most of the face. Might have been welded on in the past!
  5. New anvil I got today for taking a man a washer and dryer! I am thinking this is a Peter Wright! What do yall think? Oh and it was free , I made a coment about his shed being a good black smith shop and he looked at me and said I think I have an anvil out there , Let's go look ! And there it was I picked it up and broaght it outside to have a better look ! I asked how much he would take for it and he said it's yours, you brought me a washer and dryer! I think it is a Peter Wright! What do yall think?
  6. This all sounds good to me so i will brush it out with diesel and put the cover on and oil and crank. From my prior experiences this sounds much more simple than rebuilding motors ! Thank you all for your help!
  7. O.k. to start off I picked this up from a fellow worker at work who was cleaning out his Grandpas Shed. it would not rotate so I offered him 25 bucks and he said sold. I knocked out a dirt dabbers nest and it spins. YES!! took it home and opened it up and this is what it looks like ! Oh it came with the original tripod all so. I was wondering if I got a good deal and exactly what do I have here? and can any one point me to some one that knows how to take it apart and clean it and the proper lube to use in it? Thank you all for any info you can give me! OH and one other thing , Should I repaint it or leave it as is?
  8. Thanks Irondragon for your response, this was my Christmas gift this year so I was really excited about it even with the damage !
  9. I went to look at an anvil today did not think it would be much at all , just another over priced chunk of metel! Got there and talked for a while then the gentleman showed me this and I lost it inside. ended up bringing it home cause here where I live you dont see many anvils and I have been working off a piece of metal that was re purposed. So can any one tell me the year and if i did o.k. at $280.00 ? should i find some one to repair it ? What weight it is?
  10. Hello, I am SGTCOFFEE from north west Alabama. I have had an interest in the blacksmith craft since I was a young kid just never found a way to learn the trade till now. I went to a Renaissance fair and was asking the smith about his propane forge over a coal forge and he told me his take on it . So when I got home I blowed the doors off google and ohhhh myyy what a bunch of info is out there ! As a tradesmen I have done a 5 year apprenticeship in the UA , I am a pipe-fitter by trade with 10 years as a journeyman. I am currently employed as a maintenance fitter at a army installation . I am looking forward to learning the blacksmith craft, I intend to build a gas fired forge, find a cheap starter anvil and a hammer and learn by forging my own tools, I know i am really probably setting my self up by attempting this but I be leave in learning by doing and correcting my mess ups as I go. So there is a lil about me and I am looking forward to looking through this site and learning ! SGTCOFFEE in the backwoods of North West Alabama
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