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Help with ID on 280lb English anvil

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Hey guys...been a while since I’ve posted. Lots has happened since the last post a year ago or so. Anyways. Picked up this anvil the other night, probly won’t use it much but at $900 I figured I’d pick it up. Weights 283lbs, the only marking I can see is the stone weight and maybe part of a U? It’s pretty pitted, and didn’t know of maybe one of y’all would have an idea on the maker. Also included a comparison of it sitting next to my 170 or 180lb (don’t remember) Keen Cutter. 







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Is it you? You are back! I bet you are not that little anymore :)


I don't know the maker of that anvil. Strange step on the square horn side. Still, a nice anvil for a good price. Make good use of it ... or polish and sell on ebay for $3000 as an antique with obscure history, being on a pirate ship, used to reforge the pirates cutlass when they got damaged ... etc ... ::P

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27 minutes ago, JHCC said:

The little dots between the numbers were typical of Mousehole Forge (aka The Undisputed King of Anvils), and they did make Yorkshire pattern anvils. 

now that would sure make this a FIND! And in such good condition as well.

Söderfors for runner up to the king? 

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