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  1. They can be really loud but you get an awesome anvil in return in my opinion, i am saving up myself for this anvil and hope to get it in the near future, you can deaden the ring so that isn't really a problem just bolt it down tight to a stand or stick some magnets under the heel and you're almost not able to hear it ring anymore. the 120KG is my personal favourite because it has a relatively narow face which i am quite a fan of I don't really know any anvil makers where you live that still produce anvils, but in my region Peddinghaus (or Riggid as its called now) and Refflinghaus are definitely in the top of the makers.
  2. If I were to buy an anvil from a maker that already sells them I would probably go with the 120KG Refflinghaus I have used it personally when I went and visited another smith and it was just a joy to use.
  3. I can't say much more than the people above me, i'd say it looks like a trenton but you can't know for sure if you don't find any markings. If she goes for the right price and the rebound is good than you will have an anvil that i'll last generations if you don't abuse it. Good luck on your journey in this amazing craft! Damian Stil
  4. Nice job on the clean up! I have seen some on the internet but i've never seen one in person. I think that mostly is because I live in the Netherlands but from what i have heard they're nice anvils, you got yourself a workhorse! I don't know that much about them but certainly someone on here can say a lot more. Damian Stil
  5. Thanks for the reply's! I bought a Kroil look a like and its loose now! she works like a charm so thanks a lot!
  6. Hi guys, I recently acquire a buffalo forge post drill as a restoration project. All the gears and such are in good condition only the drill shaft doesnt want to rotate, what do you guys suggest is the best thing i can do to knock it loose without breaking the cast frame? Damian Stil
  7. I recently saw this mini anvil, does anyone know more about it?
  8. the base looks like a fisher, cool anvil! I'm not an expert on fishers, someone else on here can tell you more. Damian Stil
  9. can we see some pictures, that would help a lot. I can't say much from what I can see. If it is stamped sweden I would say a Kohlswa but I don't know it for sure Damian Stil
  10. Okay, thanks will get some latex paint and make those bands Damian Stil
  11. after some use and a bit of rain the log she sits on has cracked quite a bit, how can I prevent that the stump completely splits? Damian Stil
  12. If you have an angle grinder with a cup brush it's almost no work, if there aren't any markings we can't tell much about the brand. I would say if the rebound is good it's a serviceable anvil for almost anything you want to do with it. setting your location would already help, for example there aren't many german made anvils in the US (to my knowledge). Damian Stil
  13. hahahaha, not an 8 pounder. I do have a 6 pounder which is my regular forging hamer for drawing and such. Damian Stil
  14. If i'd use it for striking i'll for sure tie her down, I have only never worked with a striker before so for my general forging it shouldn't move Damian Stil
  15. there is no short on swages on my anvil, the upsetting block forms a nice 90*, the stepped horn forms a nice swage to and the feet form big round swages. the 60* is a handy tip that I will use definitely. I don't have a welder yet any suggestions on a relatively good somewhat cheap welder? Damian Stil
  16. Okay thanks, I'll just use a hammer then. (saves me making a ball punch) Damian Stil
  17. In the end i'm still a blacksmith so why don't forge them? I won't be looking for a swage block as obsessed as for anvils now, I'll just look what I would want to give for one if I ever come across one. I really like IFI, it helps me a lot with a lot of questions so thanks for responding! Damian Stil
  18. one like this? I don't want to make it worse Damian Stil
  19. Thanks for the tip, will do it right away!
  20. Frosty, I have been told by multiple people that it is called a clip horn. don't know if that is the real naming for it though Damian Stil
  21. thanks for all the answers! I've got a better idea of the use for swage blocks. How much would you give for one if one came by?
  22. Just used her for the first time and secured her with the four nails, I noticed she was a little on the soft side after a miss hit, always happens to me on a new anvil. She’s pretty hard still but noticeably softer than my söding und halbach.