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GREAT DEMO!! And foud a new GREAT Seller

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Hey Y`all
I just got home from The Outdoor show at which i had a Booth . I wasn`t sure how i`d do at it . But NEEDLESS to say I SOLD OUT of stuff:):D Also I found what sells best for me, Spilt Crosses ($5.00 key fobes, necklaces) . Also made a barbcue fork for a guy who had a booth ,which was unexpected I was just trying make it for another customer . And i took 3 spike knives and sold 2 of em (at $35.00 for onr and $30.00 for the other) To the same guy:o. I now have a list of orders(: a tripod, a dragonfly , 2 more cross , 2 barbcue forks, and a fireset) . And got intveted to a demo in the first of August. Ohh Yeah I made $130.00 :)

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Hey there ole buddy, ole pal, friend of mine....How about a loan??! ;) Great job one the demo, with orders AND an invitation to another demo! You must have WOW'd the crowd to get the invitation. Thanks for making the blacksmithing world proud. BTW, I'm just kidding about that loan.

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