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It's very interesting. Do you know what it weighs or what it's made of? You should add your location in your profile. It may help narrow your search down if we know where you're located in the world. Perhaps that particular anvil mostly resides in a certain region and only a few may know what it is :)

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No problem. The location really helps. There may be another member right down the block from you. Is that broken foot hollow inside? Maybe it just looks like  that and it's just broken off. 

Looks maybe cast iron with a steel top plate. I'm not an expert. I had one that had a cast iron body and if you tap the body or under the horn, it will sound like a dead thunk. But if it has an actual ring, it's something else. 

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If you would like I’ll send you more pictures tomorrow. The top plate looks like it has been grounded down haft way across the top and replaced with a steel plate maybe because the corners are round off  that’s what the back of the anvil looks like 

It may be cast I don’t know cast not worth much?

Back were the hardy hole is its not been cut down and the comers are round off

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From that single solitary photo, all I can venture is that, a) it had the face plate replaced, b) it must have had some sort of unusual fastening on that blown up leg, and c) perhaps it had something else welded to the side and then removed. (mostly guess) 

As long as the faceplate is firmly attached and it does not sound hollow when you tap on it with the hammer, that is all it counts. Use it as it is and don't try to change it.

Perhaps the only exception is that busted foot. You could fit a piece of steel in the wound and weld it all shut and grind it into shape with a flap disc. Purely cosmetic and welding there will not harm the top. 

If when you hit the top it goes cloppety clop, meaning the plate is loose ... well ... it is possible to fix it but most likely not worth the effort. You could try some anvil repair workshop I hear you have from time to time. Will need to figure out where and when. 

Hope you don't need it. 


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Its Cast!

If it's cast iron then it's pretty much what we'd call an ASO that someone has tried to put a face on.

If it's cast steel, then it may be a good anvil depending on alloy and heat treat; but again someone has messed with the face.

That thing on the side looks like someone pressed a brick into the side of the mold, for ????????

Definitely it does not look like a commercially made anvil; but may be an "end of the day clean out the ladle" casting. I've seen a number of those, including a bunch from Mexico where they use a good old anvil to make the mold and then cast whatever they have left at the end of the day. No heat treating, minimal fettling and sometimes the two sides are offset leaving a large line across the face.  Seen Auctioneers selling them as "antique anvils" even though they are probably only a year or two old.

I once talked to a wife, a smith's widow, who told me that after WWII when the local steel casting company was melting a lot of surplus scrap they had a run of anvils cast for them out of the armour plate from naval warships.  I would have liked to see how well that worked, I would have guessed it was a Ni Steel but not too high C. Unfortunately they were all long gone by the time I talked to her in the 1990's.

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Here are some more pictures it looks like some letters on the side were the square is and the other three feet looks like they have been fixed it could be were some one had it mounded and they didn’t fix the one,and what do you think of how the bottom has the arch 










It says I edited it i think because I picked medium size for the picture 

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Well that looks much better than the first picture. 

It is old, has the waist weld ... it had extensive damage and part of the plate was replaced. How well is hard to say. Can you drop a hammer on the surface and tell if the plate is sound? 


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