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ironing a very large wheel


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I've ironed 8 wagon wheels as a blacksmith. 4 were rebuilt/restored and 4 were done with a carpenter/wheelwright. All ended up as chandeliers. All were 4' wheels.

Here's some very large ones. The main difference between doing these and mine were the amount of people needed and the fork lift! I had no roller, so turned them with bending forks and scrolling wrenches. No tire dogs, but I could handle them by hand and my scrolling wrenches worked well as tire dogs. I forge welded the hub bands and tire to dimension and slightly less than the actual circumference. I heated up all to shrink them on vertically in my forge. 

I add all this to give you confidence that where their is a will, there is a way, and the challenge was worth it.


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Great video. Thinking about it, it's kind of frustrating in ways. As soon as technology starts making work easier, they come up with new tech. Just a vehicle repair guys mini rant. :rolleyes:

Imagine what the did and used making the originals! Wow! What hard work. 

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