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New Navy CPO


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Please pass my congratulations to the Chief. I know exactly how she feels, and she deserves to be proud. I was a two-hashmark CPO myself, and loved being at that level. But the powers that be shortly thereafter made me an officer. I climbed up through W-1, CWO-2, and CWO-3 before they made me an LDO (Limited Duty Officer). For my civilian friends, an LDO (or "mustang", as we are colloquially referred to) is restricted to serving in his/her enlisted field of expertise (electronics in my case), as opposed to general ship driving duties. Many Chiefs will jokingly claim that LDO actually means "Loud, Dumb, and Obnoxious", but in reality LDO's, being ex-enlisted and usually ex-CPO's themselves, usually have an especially good working relationship with senior enlisted personnel. Incidentally, for a hundred years or more shipboard CPO quarters have been commonly referred to as the "Goat Locker", but in the modern Navy, not sure what they call the female CPO quarters.

Sorry for the impromptu Navy Slang 101 class, but many civilians might hear some of these terms and not have a clue what they mean.

Again, sincere congratulations and a big Bravo Zulu to the new Chief! My Navy is in good hands.

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