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  1. Yeah, 40 plus years in aviation and my ears ring constantly. I will look up the tinnitus meal plan.
  2. One of my coworkers brought these to me, 17 1/2" diameter.
  3. JHCC, thanks for the additional pictures. That's what I envisioned, also did a web search and looked at the images. Thanks again.
  4. JHCC, more pics of the Mason jar handle please. I've not seen those. Laynne
  5. Not so much for new scars but I did have eight inches trimmed off of my beard. The forge wasn't a big deal but way too close at the anvil or vise.
  6. Go ahead Frosty "open" up on him.
  7. I was having withdrawals during the website update yesterday so I visited another forum. Just wanted to say thanks to all that make this sight available, from the moderators and curmudgeons to the newest members. Laynne
  8. Osage orange is the best firewood in central Kansas. It was planted along the fence rows for wind breaks. If you are ever down this way give me a shout. Laynne
  9. Thanks for the reply. I have been toying with the idea of a permanent fire pot.
  10. Arthur210, You say it took less to fill but when forging how does this type set-up compare to a JABOD for charcoal consumption? Laynne
  11. I have a couple of hours work with my chainsaw and the three bars and the saw blade are coming home with me.
  12. First off, I am sure your post will be moved to the anvil section. I feel safe saying it is not cast iron. Go to the anvil section and read, read, read. Do not grind the face of the anvil. Wire brush it and start hammering hot steel on it. It will clean up. Add your location to your profile, there may be someone on the forum close by.
  13. I would have to say you are "thinking inside the box". I also see no reason that won't work. Be sure to let us know how it goes when you do it.
  14. Jay.bro, you are on your way. It looks like you have some warping going on already. Some angle iron along the top will help with that and will work to support it when you get it set in a table. Like Lou said, and I think you are working to that end, control the length. If you are heat treating a Bowie knife or doing long scrolls you are set. Most of the time you won't need that much. Keep us posted on changes and performance.