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Flea Market Anvil usable?

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Welcome aboard, glad to have you. Unless you have the extra money and want a display piece I'd pass on that one, it's been in the weather or maybe salt water long enough I'd have to think of something needing a dramatic texture before I put hot steel and hammer to it.

Trying to grind the face to a usable condition would remove WAY too much hard steel and make it unusable . . er.

It'd still look cool next to the wood stove as a display item but not as a user.

Keep looking, there are plenty of things that'll make good working anvils around. Check out the alternate or field expedient anvils i the anvil section. Heck someone just posted a garage sale find I'd grab for an anvil and I have two excellent London pattern anvils on stands in my shop right now. I like working on field expedient anvils at demos so folk don't get the impression you need something of a particular shape or size to do good blacksmith work.

Hunt on Brother, the game's afoot! ;) 

Frosty The Lucky.

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Note that it is an old one: no pritchel and the way the feet were added. It is very unlikely to have enough face thickness left to smooth out and be usable.  It could be built up using the Gunther/Schuler method; but the expense would probably be greater than buying one in better shape.

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If you do choose to weld it, I strongly echo Mr. Powers' recommendation on the repair method. It will be hot, tedious work, but ultimately provide a good anvil. Welding skill is a prerequisite for success. 

I'll give you $50 for it at the faba annual conference in Ocala (if you happen to be going), but only if you don't weld or grind on it. I've been wanting to try out an idea that Mr. Frosty has mentioned a few times, and this would make a good candidate. 

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