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No 4 fisher chain vise worth?


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I found a No 4 Fisher chain vise for sale for $400.00. The ad says the vise is in working order but the top screw has been welded and either needs re-welded or replaced. Here are some photos of the vise. Worth the asking price? Any help would be appreciated.



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All of the blacksmithing items are only worth what they are worth to the person either selling the item or the person buying the item. 

The Fisher vises are pretty nice because of the parallel jaw movement and since there are 2 screws the force can be pretty good. 

If the screw has been welded it can be cleaned up and welded again easy enough. 

For a number 4 with repairs, I would be hard-pressed to offer 250.00. 

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With a repair, less than $200.  

I own 2 #4s, in very good and near mint condition, and I paid $200 and $300 respectively.  That said, I've seen them sell at big conferences for between $1k and $2k.   There is a #5 that hasn't sold for over a year on Ebay for something like $2500.  So there is your bracket!

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Thanks everyone, I will make him an offer i feel comfortable with, if he still has it that is and go from there. If not I'll keep looking for a good post leg vise as I dont have one and most of what I have looked at have been beaten down and over priced for what they were.

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