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Unknown Soderfors cutter?

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I found this bar in my late father-in-law's shop. It could date back to his father who owned a landscape supply company in Seattle, or his wife's father who was in construction in eastern Washington. Researched on-line but couldn't find anything (too many Soderfors anvils.) It is 12 inches long by 1 and a half inches wide nd both long sides have  45 degree taper. Any ideas as to what it is?




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Welcome aboard Ball, glad to have you. Soderfors is an industrial city in Sweden so just having the name on a product doesn't narrow things down much. Yeah, you'll find mostly anvils here, funny that. Perhaps the best known product from Soderfors is steel and if it was made of Soderfors steel it cost more. 

What you have looks like it's wedge shaped in the pic. Perhaps used to secure dovetail joints. Might have just been a piece of their best steel stock. I don't even see an indication of which company made it. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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Although rare to find these days, beveled edge flat bar and the same in tool steels used to be pretty common.  Both single beveled edge and double beveled edge were available.  There are still some sources in medium carbon flat bars but I was too lazy to search much deeper.

You'd typically use something like a double beveled ground piece of tool steel flat stock to make your slide base in something like a 4-slide forming machine...easier to buy the precision  ground piece and mount tooling to that than to make your own.  

So my guess is this is originally raw steel that never got used to make something rather than "something" in itself.

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It might not be "something" in and of itself. What I mean is that it could be part of a tool, or other object for that matter, much more complex than a simple flat bar 12" with beveled edges. Something deep inside of something else that few people rarely have seen. For instance, if you found a bracket with the stamp "Ford,"  you would probably not find many people that would know what it is or belonged to, other than a Ford vehicle, maybe.  I definitely don't want to discourage your efforts. Some pieces are easy to distinguish, while others not so much. Best of luck in solving this mystery (not that I was able to help other than to provide some perspective.)

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