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Been busy reading the site for a few weeks, joined my local blacksmith association, and decided it is time to sign up here. Entirely new to the craft but have been drawn to it along with my two youngest kids who also want to learn.  Actually my son has joined ABANA as he was too young to join our local group. I don't know if he is the youngest ABANA member but at 7 years old he may be close.  We will eventually get both a simple side blast forge (thanks Charles, et al) and a fuigo (having spent several years of my life in Japan, I feel a little connection there) built and at least an ASO so we can start the lifelong process of practicing.  Although my extremely-supportive-of-all-of-my-hobbies wife just last week said, "You have told me for so many years, no matter what I needed to buy, that it is better to 'buy once, cry once.' You never stop doing any fabricating or creative hobbies once you start them. You keep all of your tools forever and don't buy junk. So, why don't you get a new Refflinghaus that you can just keep forever and pass down to the kids or grandkids when you die?" So that ASO may just never happen.  I had to look up Refflinghaus after she asked me as I hadn't gotten as far as anvils in my research yet.  Yeah, she's that supportive.  Plan on getting Mark Aspery's books as the first additions to the library. 

Big thank you to all who have shared their knowledge here to keep the craft alive.

Any advice when we seem to be going off in the wrong direction would be greatly appreciated.  Any good or even stupid questions asked from this account will definitely be from one of my children.  The really stupid questions will all be mine.

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Welcome aboard, glad to have you and the kids! I just thanked you for the Optigrind link in another thread. Wish we had the things when I was grinding tools! 

Don't get too carried away with finding the "perfect" last a lifetime tool until you've spent some tie practicing the craft. It may seem like the best and be endorsed by many others and still turn out to be a bad choice for YOU. Refflinghaus make top shelf anvils but do consider the ones made in America as well. Attend a meeting or two and use various anvils, hammers, tongs, forges, etc. before you buy. Hmmmm?

Every hour you spend with an experienced smith is worth many hours even days of trying to figure this out yourself.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Well about 35 years ago, me and my fiancee were dirt poor and I found an anvil at a garage sale, 165# PW in good condition for US$100 and my fiancee told me I should get it, (we had joined our finances such as they were.)  I still have both the anvil and her, married 34+ years!

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