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I Forge Iron

Hammer heads (not a sword :) )

Sam Salvati

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Here is some hammers I chose to use my last working days in the shop to make. I ate up 6 feet of 1 1/2 inch round 1045, and all I have left is 2 3 inch peices. Used about 50 pounds of coal, then 2 small handfulls of my emergency coke.
A couple japanese cutler's/sheffeild dog head hammers, a couple cross peins, a couple DIAGONAL peens which are very fun and great tools (wish I could have gotten the eye holes in them) both a left and a right hand, a special pair of japanese sledgehammers, couple of rounding/flat hammers along with a rounding/flat striker's hammer, and a few blanks I did not have time to get the eye holes in.











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Last working days, as in my last weekend in the shop. Landlord is closing the building so I am out.

Thanks guys! Simmonds, I thought it was VERY fun!

Nett, they are normalised for now, still have to be heat treated. I think the small rounding hammer will be around 1 1/2 pounds when all done.

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Cursed landlord, how dare he!:mad:

Good looking hammers, Sam. So, what does the future hold for our hero? Will he find another shop? Stay tuned viewers, if I know Sam, something will happen soon.

Really though, do you have another place in mind? What a shame. Hope you find a place to work, would be a travesty to the blacksmithing community if Sam can't play.

Again, hope you can find a place without too long of a delay.


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Thanks Aaron! What does the future hold?!?! I don't know, for now I will pack up the whole shop and put it in my garage and get a gas forge, make it so I can roll the anvil and a couple hammers and the gas forge out then back in when I am done. I do have a SMALL space here at my house to work, enough to play atleast, not th ebest but it will do until I can get a new shop.

I don't know about travesty :) , maybe everyone might like a break from my endless posting of unfinished projects:D.

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Thanks Frosty!

I was pretty bummed about it, but thanks to some excellent advice from great friends and some who i hope to consider friends someday, I am back to my old self and see it as not a door closing but as another opening.

I will keep looking for my dream shop of a vaulted cathedral ceilinged cave, in a semi extinct volcano with a pit of flowing lava for a forge, the golden handmaidens/forge assistants of hephaistus, 1500 pound anvil set 6 feet into the ground and 3 1/2 feet above, a nasmyth steam hammer supplied with endless steam from said volcano, a smelting operation heated from said volcano, with a few other accoutrements:D.

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Moving to the big island then?

Before I built my current (under construction) shop I looked at every building with an eye to it's potential as a shop.

One of my fantasy ideals is a cave or stone masonry building with a waterfall just outside the door, a coal seam on the other side of the door or maybe at the back of the cave and a big old scrap yard an easy walk away.

There's a waterfall or fast creek in almost all my fantasy shops.

Good hunting, I'm sure there's somebody near by that has a perfect shop s/he's had trouble renting out and you'll get a killer deal. Maybe they've been looking for someone to make them some extensive wrought iron accoutrements and will be happy to do a swap.

Seeing as we're engaging in fantasy. Though I DO know of a couple similar patronage situations.


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Lava generally has way too much sulfur to make a good forging heat source!

I'd go with the stream with a 20' drop. I once found the place I wanted. Had the stream with apx 20' drop and a cave nearby, we went 3 hours into the cave and never found an end to it and almsot all of that was walking tall not belly crawl. (Not a commercial cave, we found it one day from looking at the Topos and saying "you know there ought to be a cave around here".

My other dream shop location was an abandoned underground limestone mine with multiple 40" square openings over a steel drop to a stream and the inside open with several football fields of space. Then they put the interstate through the property, sigh.

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Nice looking hammer heads, Sam. Ya gonna put any handles on these?? ;)

Sorry for the dig, Sam. I couldn't resist :) I have watched your progress over the last couple years and have seen it improve to far surpass anything I have pulled out of my forge. Keep up the good work and good luck in you endeavors. Hey, and put a handle on SOMETHING!! LOL
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No prob Dodge:D. Thanks very much, but don't you dare sell yourself short! Once I take a few most enjoyable weekends off, I will setup the little brake drum forge and get these beasts HT'd! Then I should have the grinder setup also, so I can get some handles done as well, these are going pretty quick and I gotta get them finished!

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