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  1. White Pine, TN is where log home is and I live in Lee County, VA.
  2. Wow, that is really cool! I will see what I can find out and let you guys know. Thank you so much!
  3. I found this while dismantling an old log structure in eastern TN. It must have been in the chinking and my first thought was that is was a spear point but that seemed like a rare thing to find, so I thought maybe a letter opener. It has a flat side on the blade with the other side having a triangular profile. The two notches make me think of attaching a spearhead using sinew, as in an arrow. I think it may be wrought iron due to the grain and lack of oxidation. What do you guys think? Sorry for the crappy pics.
  4. I took a look at some of the pictures and looked like a great time. I have met Mr. Morse and have to say that his hospitality is still making an impression on me. Anyway, just thought I would drop in and say that. One day we'll make it up there!
  5. Peyton, I just saw the new site and it looks great. The school has me itching to take some more classes. Really great line up and man would it be a treat to be able to take of the time in November to see Brian work in person!!
  6. Mr. Powers, why u hate-n on the spike blades? :D
  7. Hahahah, as much as I like hot dogs, that might be a good idea.
  8. Sweet, feels good huh? Forge On!
  9. Hello, and welcome. You will find lots of help here, these guys are always willing to help. Why only keeping one? :D
  10. I really like Mr. Blandford's writing and illustration, I have another book from him that does a very good job of explaining different tools and their uses but I can't think of the title.
  11. WOW!!! Never new that this stuff was that sketchy. I use a combination of boiled linseed, turp, japan, and beeswax and have noticed that it burns rather nice if not a little hard to put out sometimes Just yesterday I was finishing a oak shelf by brushing on the paste, running in front of fire then brushing again. It was lets just say interesting. I also have rags everywhere and this is in an old pole barn with lots of lumber and wooden work benches Would my mixture (combination of the wax, oil, dryer, turp) still be as dangerous on the rags that are laying everywhere??
  12. ^^ Agreed ^^ This one sticks in my head by the way: S0025 The Day I Learned To Bronze (overhead)
  13. I use a piece of large barstock or any fairly thick scrap for preheating. I usually do this to the anvil and post vise and use the time to cut stock, smoke a cig. or whatever. Really helps to keep the anvil or vise from "sucking" the heat out, especially the vise. I had never thought about damage though. I don't usually do anything real heavy, but I wonder if the vise would be more prone to this kind of damage??
  14. Very Nice and Shiny. ^^^^:DIrish Obama ahahahahah:D^^^^
  15. Brian, I really like that design. Can I use it? I like the idea of it fitting both anvils in the shop and I have started on an old mining bit that I think I will shape this way.
  16. Wow, my wife would love for me to make something like that, although it would probably need to run the length of the entire hall just make a dent. :confused: And Jeremy is right about taking time for ourselves, I have a whole lot of ideas, and projects for the house that I just never seem to work on. Get to spend so little time that most of it is occupied by work already promised, learning, working on shop, etc... I also notice that people tend to notice things that are around the house and I sometimes cringe at that thought. The work seems to follow my progress, the little that I have made but I still enjoy them. Just wish my place was deck out with some Clonik/Yellin/Whittaker type pimpness. :D
  17. The texture is killer and the transitions are amazing, that is some real nice fuller work. I guess you used maybe some ball dies and fullers? I just need to get my dies for my magician and then I would be happy to produce something half as nice. For the finish what did you do? Did you sand then reheat and apply finish? Coal Forge?
  18. By the way I thought I would share the story of how we came about this forge: I look at the local craigslist on a daily basis and last week saw a listing for the forge under farm+garden for $200.00. I was giddy like a little school girl I guess and right away sent the seller a message asking what the bottom dollar would be and that I was not wanting to lowball but times are tight right now. She replied that someone was coming the next day to look at it and if they did not want it we would talk. Well, I figured it would be gone for sure but low and behold she sends me a message saying that they never showed up, called or anything and what would I offer. I told her that I would have to talk to my brother-in-law and see how much he could put in. After talking to Adam we decided that we were probably not going to be able to afford such an investment at the time and all we could come up with was $100.00 so I wrote her back and told her just that. I mean why not, we had nothing to lose. Well, she responded shortly saying: "Will it really help you out? If it will make a big difference in your life, then I'll let you have it for $100. It's just sitting in my garage. If it can help you in this crappy economy, I'll help you out." Ok, so now I am starting to feel a little guilty because it is not something that we had to have. So, I replied telling her just that, but that if she did decide to let it go I could assure her it would be appreciated, taken care of and well used. I also told her a little about ourselves. She told us: "I have no idea where Blackwater Va is, but if you want it for $100 you are more than welcome to come and get it." We were floored! We drove up the next evening to pick it up and it turns out that she was from New York originally and had apprenticed as a farrier up there. Since then she had moved to Virginia and she no longer did any farrier work. We talked for awhile and let me tell you it never ceases to amaze me at the good, honest people that are out there. So now we have a forge that we thought would take years for us to afford, one that has been used very, very little (looks almost new) and had also made a new contact and friend. I learned that it never hurts to ask and that people can sometimes surprise you with their kindness. She also gave me a link to her mentor's website where he sell tools and supplies that I thought I would share. Farrier Supplies - Blacksmith Supplies - Horseshoes - Montague Blacksmith Supply Co.
  19. Guys, thanks for all of the help. I think that this is going to be a nice addition to the shop. Like the idea of not burning up the small stuff such as on animal heads. I seem to like watching the pretty sparklers in the coal for for some reason, hahahah. I now feel much more comfortable "playing" with the pressure and seeing what works best. Quench, what did you do to the hearth to make it heat faster? I looked around at the ITC100 and it looks like doing the base and top coat would be a really nice addition, could this possibly increase the heat enough to weld even in this forge?