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Cremains Knife


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My apologies for not having shared anything here for a while.  Life has been busy, and this is only the 3rd knife I have finished this year.  This was made for a friend in exchange for a favor.  He asked if there was a way I could incorporate some ashes of a close friend of his.  This was my solution.

The right scale will slide off of the pins if you loosen two set screws that are in those two little brass tubes on the bottom edge of the scale.  This reveals a pocket in the handle that contains a capsule I machined to hold the ashes.  I hesitated to try this concept because I hate gaps in my handles, and I knew this would require some precise fitting parts.  In the end I managed to get everything to fit up pretty tight.

The blade is just a low layer count mix of 1095 and 15N20.  It is from a billet I made quite a while ago so I don't remember for sure, but I think it was 44 layers.  In person the blade has interesting contrast, but I didn't capture it very well in the photos.  I managed to get the 15N20 to a highly polished state, while the 1095 is more of a matte etched state, but there is hardly any topology.  I like the effect a lot, and hope I can repeat the process.

Overall length is 9.5" with a blade length of around 4.75".. The handle material is stabilized redwood burl.


Cremain Knife 1.jpg

Cremain Knife 3.jpg

Cremain Knife 4.jpg

Cremain Knife 5.jpg

Cremain Knife 6.jpg

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Nicely done Sir! It's a good solution to the request and a beautiful blade pattern. I'm not a bladesmith guy but I favor low count high contrast and this is striking. I like it a lot.

Frosty The Lucky.

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This knife is a thing of beauty. I’m interested in something like this to remember my dad, but I was curious could this be done as a folder ? Is there anyone who would be interested in talking to me further about doing something like that ? 

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I haven't thought about that knife in a while :)

I've been thinking about a folder for some of my father's cremains for a while now, but haven't made anything yet.  My folders are all traditional looking slip-joints.  Many would say boring or old fashioned.  Feel free to shoot me a PM if that is something you might like.  It might just get me off the dime on designing something.

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Which of the 150+ countries participating in these forums are you in RC829? And is this coaching  you, RC829, in doing it yourself or doing it as a commissioned piece? 

Rc829 is gosh awful hard  we usually consider Rc 60's to be at the hard end of the scale for blades!

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