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I Forge Iron

Tall pub table, heavy wood and steel


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First forge project was the straps.

Top is butcher block  pine 2x3's run longways. Framed in 2x3x1/4" L mild steel

Center post is 6x6 ties. 

Base is 2x3x1/4" L mild steel with a big heavy 3/8" plate recessed in for weight and stability.

Straps are 1"x 1/8"steel flat rod. 

I'm working with a 55lb track anvil and a 3lb slege for now lol. 







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No need to bolt it its plently sturdy with the added weight, plus it's on tile.

I have some glaze coat I'm probably going to throw on it tomorrow. I hit it with some more stain this morning.

I know it needs a coating because the kids with that first cup of juice... but I'm working up the courage to do it lol!

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On 6/6/2018 at 9:25 PM, Ranchmanben said:

Man, that looks killer! That style is right up my alley for what I like to make too. How is the top attatched to the base?

Angle iron cap press-fit just like the bottom. drove it on until it was mostly level. Drilled holes and secured the top with lag bolts, and washers in between as necessary to bring up level.

On 6/1/2018 at 10:16 PM, SFC Snuffy said:

Nice joinery! How heavy do you think it is altogether?

Bro... it's so heavy lol! I had to bring it in separately and put the top on it inside.

Most of the weight is in the base. I added steel to the inside bottom of the base plate for weight. Post is prob 185-200lbs. Had to bear hug it and run up the steps to get it in lol.

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2 heavy pours of Glaze Coat. There's about a half gallon on the table top.

As I'm typing this, im standing here with the hair dryer waiting to kill bubbles as they rise. The tiniest of gaps in between the boards hold air and can ruin the coating.




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