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for what purpose ? You can build one for under $5 with a fire brick a drill and a can of propane, OR you can build a 6 burner that gets 500,000 BTU. with out know what you want to do there is no way to answer except to say that you should not look into a gas forge, it can cause retna burn from the IR waves.

As for buying one, again there many options,and most of the those can be removed from your choices, if you know what you are going to use it for. Since you have not told us, then we don't know.

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I could be wrong, but I am guessing that this person wants a gas forge that would be good for a beginner.

If you are looking for a ready made one try:
Centaur Forge-Gas Forges

If you are wanting to make one that will be cheap, and simple to make try here:
Plans to build a simple gas forge

I am definetly not an authority on this subject, so someone else may be able to point you in a better direction, but this should be enough to get started. Also if you look on that second link, this person also sells supplies to make gas forges with.

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If you are handy, you can easily make one, especially if you can weld. Even if you can't weld. If you want to buy one, and are a beginner, you might check for single or double burner forges on eBay if you want to keep your costs down. If you want to buy a commercially made forge, NC Forges are good, and they have a wide range of them.

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I think you may want to contact your local group first... get some experience forging... Discuss with them your plans... many groups have members that will let newcomers tour their shops to see what they have and use...

Very helpful in figuring out what YOU need based on what YOU want to do... getting a small propane forge when you eventually want to make structural pieces like gates, or swords, might cause you a major pain....

Take time to plan out your equipment, it's type, and placement... Make contacts in your local area as a way to network, learn, and share your ideas....

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The last thing I want to do is discourage you so please don't take it wrong when I say I don't think you know enough to make rather major decisions like what kind of forge to buy or build.

Forges range in size from a few cubic inches hollowed out of a fire brick or an insulated bean can to units you can literally drive a RR train into.

I think the advice to get together with your local smithing organization and get your feet wet is your best bet. Spending $25-45 to join the club is a small investment seeing as members are often allowed to use equipment at meetings and open forges.

Also, most smiths I know are pretty eager to show newcomers the ropes and give you hands on opportunities.

So, that's my advice on where to start, at your local blacksmithing club.

Welcome aboard and best of luck.


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Not to mention that some blacksmithing groups have gas forge building workshops---how I got my first two propane forges!

Check at Blacksmithing Organization Web Sites : Blacksmith Group Locations to see if there is a smithing group near you. They have free and open meetings, (no membership required) and should help you get up to speed quickly!

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