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I Forge Iron

A request for a ringing of the anvil.

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Last night at 3am my young bride passed 12 days after our 38th wedding anniversary, from Cancer. She would have been 58 on the 19th of April. Marjorie helped me edit this toast in memory of my grandfather, and great-grandfather, both were smiths. Please feel free to hang it in your shop and use it to honor others of our craft.

Toast to a fallen hammer

He was heated in the forge of life, shaped by the hammer of Christ on the anvil of God, quenched in tears of sorrow and joy, tempered in the hearts of those who loved him, and has gone to find his place in the gates of Heaven.

Three times we ring our anvils in his memory. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen

Mike McGinty AKA Habu

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Mike, with heavy heart I pray our GOD in Heaven will strengthen you during this time. 38 yrs with your soulmate, you must have a ton of precious memories. Recall them all, both good and bad for you both wnet through them together. She is now at the foot of the THRONE! casting her crowns at HIS feet!

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The two of you have said so much in such a few words. I can now see where God must be a blacksmith.
From what the two of you have said, I know she is OK, and I believe you are also.
I will hold you and yours in my prayers. I will also accept your gift of the

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This morning I opened Marjorie's hope chest and found a shoe box full of love letters that we sent to each other when I was away in the military in 1968. It is too bad that my four daughters won't be able to read them until they are grandmothers. I now remember why I loved that woman.:D She was such a beauty and from the beginning she would return my letters with corrected spelling.

Glen and all here thank you for providing me a place that I could go for distraction and to practice my passion.

Bless you all.

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Habu, Our Hearts and Prayers are with you and your family. Sounds like you have life time of wonderful memories with a great woman. She is now happy and free of the pains of this world, a bright spot in Heaven with the Father always watching her soul mate.
Again, You are in our Prayers
Tim & Ann

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